It's called a discussion board for investors Gnucklehead. We discuss ideas until morons like you come along to disrupt. Why do you want people to sell ? Why do you despise Mark because he brought in $50 million instead of a major which could still happen at any given time? Why do you spend so much time dissing long investors ? Must have shorted at $1.40 listening to the other tools.... I mean trolls.
GnuckyT wrote:

What in good green gracious are you doing here all day long night and day spreading rumours several times a day for years now?  Why are you not disclosing your buys here?  Why do you care so much to make sure strangers load up in this stock?  The stock will only go up is someone would gift them a high grade deposit.

EndZonefor7 wrote: A 5% dividend but you lose 50%? There's some brainiac investor logic. No wonder you're an angry ahole who bought CNC at $1 sold at $3 but still comes back to b*tch on a daily basis. Talk about koo koo for coco puffs.