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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum Fobi Ai Inc V.FOBI

Alternate Symbol(s):  FOBIF

Loop Insights is a Vancouver-based technology company that has developed a proprietary platform that harnesses the power of AI to deliver retail insights to brands and brick and mortar businesses. The company's IoT device, Fobi, provides retailers the ability to leverage their sales data and make data-driven decisions in real-time while also delivering new direct-marketing opportunities to brands.

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RE:RE:RE:FOBI Fueling SOBEYS??? Rumor has it!!!

What if a rumor put pressure on a company to put out a PR? Would that be bad? Why delete? Just move on. Why do we have a compulsion to censor expressions disappointing to us?  rate and reply

RE:RE:FOBI Fueling SOBEYS??? Rumor has it!!!

I really wish we could delete posts on stockhouse....these rumours do more harm than good in my opinion. I'll be patient and wait for an official release which I truly believe is coming in the more

Looking Glass Labs Publishes Technical Vision Document as Metaverse Roadmap

The Company's Flagship Studio, House of Kibaa, Issued the 10-Paged Plan to Demonstrate its Purpose and Lay out the Upcoming Products Being Built to Solve Current Metaverse Problems and Meet the Needs of Community Members into the Future. "Publishing the Decentralized Metaverse Technical Vision document is critical at this stage of HoK's evolution because more

RE:FOBI Fueling SOBEYS??? Rumor has it!!!

Update: It appears the FB post was deleted by its author. Luckily, I made screenshots avail on FOBI AI INVESTOR GROUP site. Not sure why he deleted it. I wonder if the SOBEYS district manager he more

FOBI Fueling SOBEYS??? Rumor has it!!!

Per a new member's most recent post on Facebook's FOBI AI Investor Group... "August 11th youll hear of FOBI and Sobeys With scene no sooner !!! They are involved !!!!" He more

RE:Going out of business.

FCUK YOU selow, IGNORE !!!  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:Going out of business.

FCUK YOU  SELOW, ignore !!!  rate and reply
@ the Bell: Markets start second half of '22 trading on upbeat note
Canada’s resources-heavy stock index rose on Monday as oil prices gained and investors returned from a long weekend to purchase riskier assets that have been battered by concerns over a global... read article.

RE:RE:RE:Going out of business.

Looks like CIBC disagrees with your concerns -- Bought 24,000 shares in the last 3 minutes.. National bank also bought 3,000 as well. all from different sellers. seelow's company will have more

RE:RE:Going out of business.

I sold all my oil stocks for this one. If this goes to zero im bankrupt. Stanfoolishman perhaps works for the company pumping.  rate and reply

RE:Going out of business.

It took 2,000 mules to elect 1 jackazz  rate and reply

RE:Going out of business.

then why did they lie about the fobi$30 cake then? They promised us $30 a share  rate and reply

Going out of business.

Clearly. Rising interest rates are just going to ruin wannabe companies like this considering they function on borrow money.  rate and reply

RE:Update on pilots

I'd that really Rob Anson talking to us on Yahoo finance? Peace  rate and reply

Update on pilots

"A couple of weeks" has turned into 4. Anson really not helping himself with retail investors. Reliability = doing what you say you will do.  rate and reply
The Market Herald's Weekly Cannabis Report
Affinor Growers (CSE:AFI) announces $2 million private placementSource: Affinor Growers Inc.Affinor Growers Inc. (CSE.AFI, OTCQB: RSSFF, Forum) is undertaking a private placeme... read article.

RE:RE:RE:No investors anymore just Flippers

oh o.k, i didnt know the have that trading option to see who sells using a friend or familys name over seas. Thats good that over seas are in with IRROC. Makes me feel safer, thank you.  rate and reply

RE:RE:No investors anymore just Flippers

I think it would be wise to check on the insider trading reports before making such a statement. To my knowledge Rob has not sold any of his shares. It's all out there as public knowledge if more

RE:No investors anymore just Flippers

did he sell @ $4 like the rest of them? Must be nice to have over seas accounts eh ladies n gents? I feel i got played, i hate knowing i got hustled. Our higher power ' GOD' will punish more

RE:No investors anymore just Flippers

He earned it... FOBI is now run on Artificial Intelligence!!!  rate and reply

No investors anymore just Flippers

And the FONI flippers don't even care about a cent anymore.  They'll sell for a half-cent.  What does Anson do?  He's going on vacation!  Imagine. FONI CEO thinking he& more
Buzz on the Bullboards: Sizzling sector highlights
It has been a sizzling few days recently for most of North America, both weather-wise and for investing discussions. The markets face a rate hike in the U.S., ongoing inflation, rising oil and... read article.

RE:Forget FOBI buy $MOBI 🎃🎃🎃

Oh Seelow and your mutiple accounts across Yahoo and among others. This is one of your most pathetic better!   rate and reply


How would you possibly know? You just joined today. Good to see a new slew of bashers, we will be $1 much faster than you think.  MVS  rate and reply