PYR likely has a dedicated group working on HPQ's development. PYR has a huge investment in HPQ so it is beneficial to PYR to get HPQ up and running asap. The pilot plant will take sometime to get mass production figured out. All the separate parts work now to put them on an assembly line and and turn up the speed will take some tweeking. How long will this take no one has the answer. This is all new and revolutionary. Will it work, it may not. Stock price has dropped because there hasn't been any news on the assembly line/pilot plant. The reactor produces silicon powders on its own, but can it produce at a higher speed to make this economical. That is what we are all waiting for now and PYR has the best and their brightest working on this.

Interesting to see different opinions some PYR posters saying HPQ is dragging down PYR and now HPQ posters blaming PYR. There are a lot of us invested in both companies. They work together when HPQ has success so does PYR's stock price.