Here is the math which you won’t understand and/or pretend it’s wrong with some long-winded explanation about google or whatever your next futile and incorrect argument will be.
Basic, basic, basic math:
  • If a share is purchased at $1 and goes to $120, what percentile gain in share price is that divot111?
 12,000% correct? (I’ve probably lost you already). In fact although I've tried to make it easy for you divot11, you are likely completely lost already.
  • If you buy a stock at $120 and it falls to $1, what percentile loss in share price is that? Oh, wait for it, wait for it divot111…………………………that’s correct, the share price decline is -12,000% ..go google that chicken little.
Real math is so amazing if you can actually grasp it, which you’ve displayed you cannot divot111.
I suppose there is some wild divot111 math google explanation that only you would argue against math we all learned in grade 3 and some how you’re really going to invent to argue on a bullboard against a company you don’t even own shares in.

You look like the absolute largest rockpile I have ever come across. You’re lack of ability to understand simple, simple, simple basic grade 3 math is beyond believable. I actually feel completely mystified at your total inability to think, talk, understand nor be coherent in any argument you attempt to form. I’m further mystified that you post and post more than anyone over many months on a bullboard of a company you don’t even own shares in!!!!  If you're not embarassed, you truly are ridiculous beyond explaination.
So for the 9th time, why do you post on a bullboard which you own no shares in? and who was your math teacher? tickle me elmo?