divot111 wrote: Bagcheese. My post was directed at dontknowmuch. I assumed that was obvious. 

Hey “divot111”,

So what if “bagcheese” responded to your post that was directed at me; typical of you adding your little dig “I assumed that was obvious”.  You really are just a bag of human excrement!

His post was well thought out, reasoned, relevant and devoid of name calling…I liked it :<)

Not sure why you feel the need to point out any examples of company promotion – past or present – good or bad.  Inferring that anyone thinking of buying NSP or who actually owns NSP is too stupid to think for themselves?

Damn, I keep forgetting that you suffer from a messiah complex, no other explanation for your continued presence here.  

True, no one knows for sure whether you made or lost money on NSP, only you, but you are an honest guy …aren’t you?  Shouldn’t we believe what you say about your own investing? 

“divot111” - July 15, 2015 - Post# 23927664
I can buy shares much lower than .70 at anytime fool. Heck, could have got some at .335 today but waiting for revenue announcement that doesn't include selling of more shares. Might nibble a bit in the .20's, might not. We will see. FYI, I bought shares at .70 too and sold them at .46 for a loss that would have been much larger if I held on to them. Investing 101 fool. Sometimes you gotta take your loss and stop the bleeding.

I do agree, not your fault that everyone’s history is still on the internet for all to see. 
I know you are kind of a sensitive guy so maybe cry baby was a little harsh, we could just stick with the Trump theme, clown works just as well

You are correct; everyone should be doing DD before sinking any money into any stock.

This is from one of my first posts 8 years ago in 2014 on the NSP bullboard… pretty much the same as it is now.  May not be on a 100% of my posts but pretty close, it’s all on the internet for all to see ;<)

April 01, 2014 - Post# 22397400
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Always DYODD

I didn’t realize you hadn’t figured it out in all this time.  Do Your Own Due Diligence :<0

I openly admit that I am a NSP cheerleader, but far from being a pumper.  I do admit that I may have come close to crossing the line that one time in 8 years when I posted “I think now is a good time to buy”.  I don’t post about NSP on other stock`s bullboards. 

I think you are projecting again, since you are the one who keeps “pumping” your sad picks on this board: "Check out LITT, UI, DAC, ANK, GHG, PKG, VIS and NERD if you want to make back imho all of your mega losses here over the years."

If anyone should be “ridden with embarrassment” for their behaviour over the past 8 years I think you should have a look in the mirror.  Scary I know, but it might do you some good ;<)

Be safe!

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Always DYODD