hi all,  Well looks like Bitcoin is now making new headlines as $140k is a new target from JP Morgan.  Come on man!  Seriously!!  If this happens Oil will go to $150 and Copper will hit $20 a lbs.  That is one crazy number for Bitcoin so see the link and read!!  https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2021/11/04/jpmorgan-doubles-down-on-its-massive-bitcoin-price-prediction-but-adds-a-serious-warning/?sh=7b4559eb4511 Now looking at Oil OPEC is manipulating the price and are targeting higher prices and threaten to not produce what is need for the winter...see the link https://www.worldoil.com/news/2021/11/5/biden-has-few-options-to-carry-out-his-opec-threat . As for Copper we are going higher and i dont need to say anything else. As for Silver and GOLD there is nothing stopping the price as we are starting to correct to higher prices. Now we must all remember Kwanika has 2million ounces of GOLD. So don't forget you get the Gold as a credit for the production of copper!!  That is what makes us so big right now with the latest news!!  This coming week will be big for news and we need to stay focused no matter where the price goes!!  so good luck and lets see how this presentation on November 24th stands out.  good luck all. This will be my last post until then,