hi all, the most hilarious GOLD video on the planet and watch it, posted today on YOUTUBE with Mark Dice, subscribe to his channel. I cannot believe some of the people out there and i could not stop laughing. This was better than watching Conan O'Biran on late night or Saturday night live at times.  This post should go viral and is one of the reasons why every person interviewed off the street is still unaware of what is going on!! With all the media and youtube, twitter, facebook....still nobody understands the value of GOLD.  It is hilarious on the street of California.....watch the one scene with the Blond....it was the best!!  If you like this post give it a thumbs up and lets have a fun day and make this the best post on Stock house to start 2022.  see the link and watch it.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?.......as for NWST,  no news is good news as this stock is starting to become a spring under pressure!  Remember we have after hours also and news can come at anytime.  I did mention on my last post on a takeover the last time i saw something like this.  So for now relax and enjoy the video. So give this a thumbs up! Remember,  rates this afternoon and no rate hike could create downward pressure and that is fake news!!!