In an environment where there is huge amounts of money being thrown at companies who have not

even drilled a hole yet  ...  are people really that naive in thinking that because Pure needs another 

50 million over the next few months in order to work out the kinks which most new mining operations 

run into  ...  that Pure will be allowed to go bankrupt here ???  People in my opinion are off their 

rockers.  50 million in additional financing whether restructuring the loan,  new loan,  or a placement or 

a combination thereof  is an absolute given.   Does anyone think that Anglo taking a 20% or more 

position on the company and actually investing more in the February placement does not know what

is happening here.   None of the big players have sold.   The price got beat up and the shorts 

manipulated the excrement out of it.   The retail investor who does not have the stomach or the 

financial ability to withstand the pain always runs for the hills while the big money just gets bigger.

Buy buy buy buy  ...  put it away  ...  look at it in a couple of years.