If there is a takeover, I would like to see the cash distributed to shareholders instead of it being used ot purchase POE by the buyer should this occur. No idea what will happen to Sawn Lake since there doesn't seem to be any value of this asset in the stock price. Can't give it away for free. but if they do I'll take it. 

It would be nice to see the flow rates of L-53-B (35m pay). that should move the stock and I believe Pan Orient can bring the well online without the standard five months waiting period. Chen says POE has $42 million in cash / working capital or $0.76 per share. This suggests the current value of existing POE assets is only worth $0.37 per share. that sounds pretty cheap to me. Personally, I think the bottom for the share price is in. If I am wrong and the sp drops to 90-95 cents, I will be a buyer.