AMPD Ventures Announces Agreement with Hammerspace, Inc. to Enhance AMPD's Virtual Studio Offering with a High-Performance Global Data Environment

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2022 / AMPD Ventures Inc. ("AMPD" or the "Company"), (CSE:AMPD) (OTCQB:AMPDF) (FRA:2Q0), a next generation digital infrastructure provider, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Reseller Agreement with Hammerspace, Inc. ("Hammerspace") as part of an anticipated broad collaborative relationship between the two companies.

Hammerspace is a global leader in connecting global users with their shared content and applications on any existing data center infrastructure or public cloud services. Hammerspace data orchestration is integrated with workflow management tools such as Autodesk Shotgrid to make high-performance local access to global data without making multiple copies of that data a reality.

Thanks to the agreement between AMPD and Hammerspace, AMPD customers will be able to access and migrate data wherever they need it, across regions and even multiple cloud vendors. This will make the adoption of hybrid solutions easier and eliminate the need to abandon recent storage investments as part of a migration to AMPD Virtual Studio.

"Hammerspace and AMPD share the vision that the future of digital content creation should not be bound to a physical location or region, and always having your data in the right place at the right time for team members across multiple sites is key to realizing this," said Anthony Brown, CEO at AMPD. "We are excited to enter into a formal relationship with Hammerspace through which AMPD customers will benefit from their amazing technology and add Hammerspace to our growing roster of industry-leading partnerships as we continue to develop the High-Performance Edge."

"AMPD and Hammerspace share a common mission: to empower the next generation of creators," said David Flynn, Founder and CEO at Hammerspace. "Our new partnership will give artists, engineers and developers the world over the ability to create without being chained to old, regionalized data and compute models."

It is estimated that the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) market will reach USD $30B by 2026, up from USD $11B in 2020, representing 17% annual CAGR growth during the forecast period.[1]

About Hammerspace, Inc.

Hammerspace delivers a global data environment which spans across data centers, public and private cloud infrastructure. With origins in Linux, NFS, open standards, flash and deep file system and data management technology leadership, Hammerspace delivers the world's first and only solution to connect global users with their data and applications, on any existing data center infrastructure or public/private clouds.

About AMPD Ventures Inc.

AMPD is a next-generation infrastructure company specializing in providing high-performance computing solutions for low-latency applications. With state-of-the-art, high-performance computing solutions hosted in sustainable urban data centres, AMPD is leading the transition to the next generation of computing infrastructure as ‘the hosting company of the Metaverse'. Through a mix of infrastructure as a service ("IaaS") and an upgraded, high-performance cloud offering, we are meeting the low-latency requirements of multiplayer video games and eSports, computer graphics rendering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mixed reality, big data processing, and the as-yet uncharted technological developments of the coming decades. Additional information about the company is available on SEDAR and our website at

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