Going over timelines to revenue that is substantial enough to warrant a share price increase and better market perception of company.

Realizing that if the company wants to get very pivotal, important things done in a timely manner they will need more cash. Considering this, why are they comfortable siphoning away so much of this cash into salaries the company and its shareholders can not afford? The cash is important so everything arrives as soon as it can, right? So we shouldn't just be lavishly dispensing it away, should we? We raise, say for example, 2.3 million and between JG and Sherman alone we spend a massive block of it on their own wallets?

What does this say about how much management believes their own product will succeed? I get the feeling as a shareholder that we have been written off by this.

I am just considering the very likely possibility that the company will have to do a capital raise at 0.03-0.05 range. The basic forces at play are reaching substantial revenue to get better SP, versus needing cash to get there in the first place. If the cash drains instantaneously we inevitably have to bear another raise. We're at 0.05. A raise now or any lower would unmitigated, absolute catastrophe, an O/S increase that would mean none of us here are likely to see B/E.

What is the company going to do?