I did not bother listening in live because there is no hurry. Can catch up to the recording but the CEO guys are saying it took something like 10 minutes. If this is true that is absolutely comical on PG,'s part, and even more comical are those that state this is a typical AGM, even for other companies. I have not been to a live or virtual AGM meeting that was this short so these claims are completely untrue and pretty well flag those as not worth listening to. If true PG is pushing his luck by now having an AGM evem shorter than quarterly conference calls, in some of which one could say that they made attempts not to field any questions.
yearninyank wrote:
Hi Paul,

Hey, I just tuned in to the meeting. So why don't I just give you my home address so you can come over and take a shirt at my doorstep too you smug creep.


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