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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum Nexoptic Technology Corp NXOPF

Primary Symbol: V.NXO

NexOptic Technology Corp engages in the investment and development of technologies relating to imagery and light concentration for lens and image capture based systems. The company's technology includes Aliis; DoubleTake and Mobile Lens.

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rich39 (497) | October 05, 2022 12:54 pm



Damn1212 (1516) | October 05, 2022 01:57 pm

Are we supposed happy about a tweet ? Are you expecting a 25% price jump per tweet ? How about answering investor emails and calls ?


InvestAI (787) | October 05, 2022 05:49 pm

Just a snippet from the latest Tweet by NXO :

Globally, there are 4.28B mobile phone users.

By 2025 the cloud structure will receive 200 ZB of data.

Aliis™, our AI solution, learns directly from real-world data, distills its knowledge into

optimized algorithms, and embeds into any application.




WED1955 (208) | October 05, 2022 06:00 pm

Great opportunity AI.
Why can't NXO connect??


Topper00 (221) | October 05, 2022 06:04 pm

Nexoptic is tweeting every day. This is getting annoying tho like we know there working on stuff. Show me the money now it's been sooo long. Wish they'd make some good news releases as to tweets on twitter. Let's go NXO!!!!


Topper00 (221) | October 05, 2022 06:05 pm

@damn1212 I read they are trying to hire someone for investor relations maybe why I never got an email back who knows.


Damn1212 (1516) | October 05, 2022 06:44 pm

They couldnt put an automatic response on the email ?


WED1955 (208) | October 05, 2022 07:14 pm

I agree Tooper.
Enough of these clowns. 

No more meetings, no more conferences or exposs or whatever they fill their days with.
Roll up their sleeves, and finish something.
No more waiting around, no more contemplating.

Time to you know what or get off the pot.
Think we've been patient enough.
Time for these guys to get something done.
Dragging on way, way too long. 


ratsnake220 (768) | October 05, 2022 07:54 pm

look boys and girls...IT CAME FROM THE order to be a going concern Nxo needs infusion of capital...and we are seeking sources....but have not found them yet.....SORRY THE WORD BE PATIENT WENT OUT THE DOOR WHEN IN THEIR OWN WORDS SAID THE BALANCE SHEET IS EXTREMELY STRESSED..

You guys who sit around and think the compnay are dragging their feet are wrong....The simply CHOKED ON THEIR PUBLIC DECLARATION THAT SALES ARE COMING SOON And they failed to WALK THAT BACK WHEN THEY PUMPED the utube video promising sales....THEY WERENT EVEN CLOSE TO MONETIZATION WITH THIS PRODUCT....But desperation was that pump too the stock in 3 weeks to A DOLLAR....and CRASHY AND HIS MERRY BAND OF BANDITS...were on their tramploline....They are CLOWNS NOW


WED1955 (208) | October 05, 2022 08:53 pm

We'll said RS
You'd think NXO would of had a Plan B if sales didn't come through. It was a well known fact that there cash burn rate would last only a year. Can't believe they pushed what few chips they had on one number and lost. 

Now they're crying poor and fishing for investors?

Real smooth.


ratsnake220 (768) | October 06, 2022 01:13 am

Wed your totally correct.....RG had over a year to walk back the statement that sales coming soon.....he could have easily walked it back....instead he ran the stock up to a buck...most likely had he and friends dump when liquid,,,,,ethics with most senior management would be not to put out guidance unless they had it in the bag.....He should of resigned....if this was the nasdaq he would be up on the carpet explaining the forward guidance without a disclaimer....but no the vultures and the pimps here just like to miss lead and hope that they do not enter into bankruptcy.....But Wed...your 100% accurate in your statements


WED1955 (208) | October 06, 2022 09:36 am

Thanks RS
wish I wasn't though.
I mean, the ineptitude of NXO and its people who are supposed to know what they are doing is staggering really. Talk about a total screw up.
Guess the question is, what now?
Will they find some money and if they do, will they blow that too and have nothing to show for it?


Damn1212 (1516) | October 06, 2022 10:52 am

@ Wed What now Why arnt they closed already as they are out of cash ? Who would want to invest in NXO at this point ? 5 years of failures and broken promises. Raising cash seems impossible


WED1955 (208) | October 06, 2022 01:41 pm

I hear ya. Would take a minor miracle.
Guess we could contact IR lol?
Coming soon?
What do you think will happen?


Damn1212 (1516) | October 06, 2022 01:50 pm

@ Wed Looks like we are on the titanic ...right when the ship breaks in half and suddenly the last half starts floating like a cork. .. Suddently it looks like that half might stay afloat ... We are on the railing ...And I ask you ... what do you think happens next ? LoL I know 100% sure companies need money to survive. I know we will find out SoooooonNnNNnNNn lol


WED1955 (208) | October 06, 2022 04:10 pm

Ha ha.
Good analogy.
Yeah, looks bleak.
I guess at the end of the day, either their product is good or it isn't. If it is, might be some hope. 

Fingers crossed.


rich39 (497) | October 06, 2022 11:36 am

dt seams to forget in his miniscule brain that NXO ran out of money the 3rd or 4th of july 2022... they obviously have a source of incoming cash they would be already shut down, this is the 10k pound elephant fact in the room. he does not want to acknowledge this he rather exploit the no money narrative to scare shareholders and make them sell their shares on the cheap until the funding source is eventually revealed.... dont count on dt to change the narrative that he is pushing its good for his agenda... he is such a pos  


Damn1212 (1516) | October 06, 2022 12:34 pm

@ Rich .. What is the source of the $ ? How much $ did they recieve ? From who did they get it from ? Is the company hiding information from shareholders ?


ratsnake220 (768) | October 06, 2022 01:21 pm

RICH SAYS they obviously have a source of money?   No N/R ...last one they said 8 weeks ago is they were out of money?  Why would they not post since to update a cash infusion....It would be to their benefit Rich?  So at 8 cents a share it appears NOT TO BE OBVIOUS RICH....A rental CFO  a rental IR firm,....Guidance has not come forward from the company on the dire financial situation they spoke to about two months ago


rich39 (497) | October 06, 2022 01:21 pm

never thought that id see this in my life time dt is actualy asking objective questions alleluya!!! didnt think that dt had the mental capacity with his snail lobotomised brain to do that and obvious biased... these are the same questions that ive bein asking for the past couple of months... i have no answer thats why im asking them !!! you slowtard... see this is where dt gets lost he doesnt have the capacity to deduct or any capacity to think...if they are still alive now they must have a source of funding, they would of have to shut down by know, no pp, no selten funds and no credit facility announced... thats the 1 ton elephant in the room that everibody is looking the other way not to see it...