Taking a look at MOSY - large company - recently diluted the price from 0.90 cents down by two thirds with a 0.30cent offering.. now at 0.26. I will keep an eye on it of it reaches 0.20 or below I will consider getting in, I read this commentary recently on the Net "A semiconductor maker, it was founded in 1991 and is currently trading around $0.20. It had earlier risen to around $0.80 and then nosedived to the current price on the back of negative cash flow. However as MoSys gets back into positive cash flow zone, analysts are continuously raising the target of this terribly volatile penny stock. For a stock that is trading at $0.20, it has a target price close to $2. This is what makes the whole set up so interesting. The last two years price action clearly makes it one of the volatile penny stocks in the market. That said, this is not a long-term investment option. It is a pure technical play and whatever might be your risk exposure, it does not make sense to stay invested for very long in this counter. The best strategy for this type of play would be to ride the swing and get out when you are in profit."