BUY:DM Before you all come out and say look we have a pumper because I finally decided to make a stockhouse account ,I will beat you to the punch and tell you it is a new account . I have personally been invested in rlv once upon a time and decided to move my money elsewhere so for those who are capable of doing dd ,don't take my post as a pump but go ahead and just do a quick 2 second search on all the NR's Datametrex has put out in the last few months will be glad I posted. The future is going to be ev vehicles and #artifical intelligence ...AI is Dm's speciallty that developed a software so complex it received funding 4 times (4 phases from the National Defense of Canada . The newly just launched software is called SMART ( social media automated reporting technology ) It has been a long hold but my DD over the last 7 months has me accumulating over 158000 shares as the company went from being a small cap company struggling to speed up its technology to market and they did that from capitalizing om the covid market with millions of dollars already reflected in the past quarter sales pipeline . Today we made it on BNN (Also watch the video on their website about half way down to truly understand what they have created )