@BuyCheapAssets I am as excited about Quinton mentioning Tectonic as anyone else. However, that is 0% of why this is my largest position. If it rallies hard on his mention I will sell nothing. I am holding Tectonic until the full fruition of Flat. Anyone who has been in this space for long enough knows the way to make it big is to hold the winners for the bulk of their run. I could write pages on why this is (one of) the best risk reward on the market but anyone who knows - knows. Understand the significance of the following: (1.) the 1.4 million ozs of PLACER gold already from Chicken Mountain (2.) The 50+ drill holes already confirming they are in the right area and also that the significant mineralization continues en mass (3.) The HOMOGENUS nature of Tintina Deposits (4.) The high grade nature: Expect VERY nice surprises as they expand this monster in all directions (5.) the metallurgy is already confirmed to be free milling and amenable leaching (a.) by historical reports, (b.) by the nature of the placer gold and (c.) also Quinton confirmed it for himself as stated on J Taylors latest interview (6.) The right team to get you to the promised land and sell for a huge win (7.) the other areas outside of the core mineralized footprint that appear to be extensions of the same event (specifically Golden Apex) AND there are other placer districts on the same property (Flat) away from Chicken Mountain. Remember this: Snowline would already be a multi billion dollar company if we were in a raging gold bull market. The prize is not 15x, its 50x+ (very realistic IMO).