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Buzz on the Bullboards: Suspenseful September

Omri Wallach Omri Wallach, Stockhouse
0 Comments| September 5, 2019

Does no news equal good news, bad news, or both? That was the question this week on the Stockhouse Bullboards as users came to debate some of the most active and promising stocks on the market.

Investors, readers, and even some executives regularly visit Stockhouse to see how their companies and investing strategies are faring in the community. This week, our highlights go to the newer (and returning) companies that have been staking their claims on the Top 6 most-viewed Bullboards charts.

The highlighted companies share something in common this week: a lack of news that would explain recent ups and downs in share prices. Bullboard discussions, in turn, reflected the inner turmoil of many investors. Do you focus on short-term uncertainties or long-term vision? 

Starting on the energy Bullboards, a new challenger approaches! This week saw the rise of CGX Energy Inc (TSX-V:OYL, Forum) to the top of the most-viewed chart, beating out many Stockhouse regulars. One glance at the chart below should explain the reason; OYL shares leapt dramatically from $0.44 on Aug. 23 to $0.83 on Sept. 3 (and still climbing).

(Click image to enlarge)

What caused the leap? Publicly, CGX hasn’t had much going on outside of an Aug. 16 change to its Board of Directors, and after shares surged at the end of the month, an Aug. 28 release confirmed no news that would motivate the increase.

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That makes CGX the perfect storm of a company for heated Bullboard discussion. Some on the CGX Bullboard were vocal in their disappointment that the company had no news it could use to capitalize on the upswell. But others, like Stockhouse Member tiger77, reiterated that no news doesn’t mean lack of action, and big things are probably happening behind the scenes.

“…First CGX was probably asked by the IIROC what was going on due to the sudden (and fantastic rise) and this has to be their official stance if there is nothing to release at the time.  Yes they could be speaking with potential JV's, suiters, or anything else positive but that is material and until it's ready to be released they can't just make stuff up or say things just for the sake of saying things… I think everyone probably knows that conversations are imminent and or occurring but they can't issue a press release to disclose this...” 

On the extremely competitive cannabis Bullboards, we have to give special mention to Eve & Co Inc. (TSX-V:EVE, Forum). The producer has impressively clung on to the Top 6 most-viewed chart for a few weeks in a row alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. Last week was especially interesting as EVE shares bounced back from $0.29 on Aug. 27 before settling around $0.325 on Sept. 3.

(Click image to enlarge)

A look at the overall picture, however, reveals that EVE shares have had the definition of an up-and-down month. The company has been active in the news front, with recent fiscal results released on Aug. 19, followed by an Aug. 20 announcement of expanding into the Manitoba market, but it seems like the news wasn’t enough for some investors.

All this made the EVE Bullboards the epitome of long-term versus short-term vision. In the short term, cannabis shares have had a rough summer, and EVE needs to effectively grow to compete. In the long term, Stockhouse Members like noVTXallowed believe it has what it takes to get there.

“Bateman, I easily see this well above $1.50 by next summer. Mr. Goldy isn't talking about this being $1.50 tomorrow......him and I are both playing long.  At current prices it is a no brainer IMO.  Even FSD Pharma has a Market cap of $150 Million and all they have is an old Kraft Dinner factory that requires an insane amount of Capital to ever be developed. 

Key here is for Eve to get that license to proceed in the new purpose built expansion.  Yeah it will take time, they have to get the license, start growing and it will take time to work out the kinks in an operation of that size, but think about it Q2 financials (2020) should have considerable product and that equates to profits…” 
(Po​st: RE:green day finish.)

Vying to climb to the top of the industrial Bullboards, Canada Jetlines Ltd. (TSX-V:JET, Forum) has continued to appear on the Top 6 chart and capture the hearts of Stockhouse users. Canada doesn’t have an ultra-low-cost airline service, and JET could be the company that pulls it off. After a period of relative calm, over the last few week shares have been more volatile, dropping from $0.34 on Aug. 20 to $0.18 on Aug. 27, then bouncing back up to $0.35 on Sept. 3.

(Click image to enlarge)

In the case of Canada Jetlines, any stock actions aren’t closely tied to news releases. That’s because JET’s last news release of its anticipated launch of airline operations came all the way back on April 4.

Granted, as many on the JET Bullboards point out, the only news worth mentioning at this point is the launch date confirmation. Unfortunately, after what looks like another delay in getting approved, users like Stockhouse Member Goldennuggets1 are considering watching from the sidelines instead.
“Good call on your 17 cent purchase Shawn ... u were right and I missed the bump up. I am surprised at all the excitement about JET effectively missing another deadline and kicking the can down the road until Sept 30th. JET still needs the permit to fly and all the financing money and obviously no one wants to invest in JET or we wouldn't be having this discussion.
Good luck folks ... I think I will watch from the sidelines after selling out at .39 & .33 on the last promote…” 

(Po​st: RE:I'm new to jet picked something like 20k today)

Our technology Bullboards highlight this week is on Martello Technologies Group Inc. (TSX-V:MTLO, Forum). It seems like only yesterday that Bruce Linton wore a shirt that announced the company to the world and sent shares flying, but the buzz around MTLO has continued even as prices have come back down, most recently from $0.44 on Aug. 27 to $0.36 on Sept. 3, a 19% drop.

(Click image to enlarge)

Most recently on Aug. 28, Martello released its latest quarterly fiscal results, and a price slide since is never a great sign. In the long-run, however, this is to be expected as investors come to better understand what they’ve bought into.

And as with our other highlighted stocks this week, the MTLO Bullboard is a mix of impatience and understanding. While many (including Linton himself) are looking at the long-term, Stockhouse Member Ryezensum911 is one of those begging for anything to come through.

“You must be counting on News. Without it, we’ll be at .30 cents or less within the next two days. We’re currently in freefall mode. We have strong resistance at .42 to .43 in the short term, and most day traders will dump it at that level. It will take something very substantial to get this to .50 cents in the next 3-6 months…
(Po​st: RE:Question)

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen a lot of interest in the technology sector at Stockhouse, and we want to hear from you about it. Our latest Investor Pulse Poll asks you which innovative technologies you’re looking at (or would consider) as an investor, so head over to the homepage or click the image below to go and cast your vote.

(Click image to go to the poll)

Next week is already shaping up to be lively, and Stockhouse will have you covered. From the Metals Investor Forum this weekend to the latest trending news, topics, and Bullboard discussions, we’ll be here to give you an insight into the investor community. For previous editions of Buzz on the Bullboards: click here.

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