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Buzz on the Bullboards: Will Cooler Heads Prevail?

Omri Wallach Omri Wallach, Stockhouse
0 Comments| 11 days ago

The weather might be getting colder over the last few weeks, but the markets have been heating up. With lots of talk about the state of the global economy and increased political turmoil, it pays to focus on to how each sector is faring.

Every week, the Stockhouse Bullboards bring thousands of users and investors to discuss the latest moves affecting some of the biggest (and smallest) companies in play, and our Buzz on the Bullboards review clues you into the discussion. This week proved to be an interesting one as many well-known companies slid and discussions focused on whether to stay calm or worry more.

All of our highlights this week look at how Stockhouse users react to trends, losses, and opportunities. With emotional investments come emotional reactions, but with dropping temperatures, we also found plenty of cooler heads making their cases.

The cannabis Bullboards were the sight of a heated battle for the top spot this week. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSX:ACB, Forum) and Aphria Inc. (TSX:APHA, Forum) were neck and neck heading into Tuesday but at the end, ACB prevailed with just over a thousand more views.

The similarities between the two companies don’t stop at Bullboard views, either. If you were to simply glance at either cannabis LP’s one-month chart, you would be hard pressed to spot the difference. Both trended downwards and that trend can be spotted across the industry. Using APHA as an example, shares closed on Sept. 24 at $7.55 before dropping a week later to $6.70. 

But it appears the negative September tide is starting to turn. Despite Aurora’s stumble following missed revenue expectations, movement was largely in-step with the industry, and both companies have picked up steam in October. All eyes are on Aphria now with Q1 2020 results around the corner.

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Much of the discussion on the opposing companies’ Bullboards, naturally, was on the cannabis sector as a whole. There’s a large feeling that another rising tide that will lift all cannabis ships is on the horizon, and Stockhouse Member skyplt commented that it’s time users focus less on picking one stock over another.

“…The sector is weak, not just a single stock.  Does it really matter APHA is losing marginally less percentage wise than ACB?

Right now anyone long on this sector is getting wiped out.  In the meantime, it appears as though many of the MMs and institutional types are laughing all the way to the bank (wait a second, they are the bank) while we point fingers at one another’s chosen Weed stock.

I prefer to focus on the catalysts that might turn this around.  Short term I believe there is potential for APHA to get DD, churn out a decent quarter between 140 and 150M, and announce some JVs to support Rec 2.0…”
(Po​st: Time to Change the Narrative)

Movements in the healthcare sector can often appear to come out of nowhere, as competing companies rise and fall in an instant (and bring thousands of Bullboard readers with them). Last week, it was Resverlogix Corp. (TSX:RVX, Forum) that came out of nowhere and took the most-viewed spot, as shares fell from $2.38 on Sept. 26 to $0.67 on Sept. 30, a drop of more than 70%.

Why the drop? On Sept. 30 the clinical-stage company announced that results from a clinical trial for its manufactured drug didn’t hit the mark. This came just a few days after RVX was included in the inaugural TSX30 showcasing the index’s top performing companies.

But shares of RVX quickly started to correct following the drop, leading Bullboard discussion to focus on how the company will proceed from here. Some considered giving up on the company but most expected that it was being oversold and expected a comeback, with Stockhouse Member MarineJumper highlighting that even with a failed trial, RVX had plenty to work with.

“It was a binary event for shareholders expecting a multi-bagger. Having said that, the volumes didn't indicate a trip to the predecessor and defunct data base just yet. These boys have learned from the data and will tell more at AGM Oct 31 and later present data at AHA Nov 16. So maybe a buck it is or higher but future financing requirements will be discussed.” 
(Po​stRE:Headed back to dollar land????)

Talking about the last week on the Bullboards wouldn’t be complete without putting the magnifying glass on BlackBerry Limited (TSX:BB, Forum). The famed Waterloo company easily topped the technology Bullboards this week and many news headlines as well after shares slid from $9.93 on Sept. 23 to $6.79 on Oct. 1, hitting a 16-year low.

The big news was a disappointing fiscal quarter announced on Sept. 24 well below expectations. In addition to not hitting revenue targets, reporting using non-GAAP figures raised a lot of suspicion that the damage might be worse than it appears, and the announcement of a new advanced technology division and expanded solutions footprint weren’t enough to stop the decline.

However, with BlackBerry’s quick decline comes an opportunity that many Bullboard users were quick to discuss. After hitting a long-term low, is BB a buy that will bounce back, or is the company on the way to being bought out? For Stockhouse Member Foxbat143, if leadership is up to the task, BlackBerry has the workings of something great.

“…The only question left to be answered is about the leadership. Is John Chen a good leader. I have read comments that he is a difficult person to work with. That may be true of any visionary leader. They expect the best. They demand the best. They push to the limit…

…John Chen is not a dynamic speaker. But he is a dynamic leader. In a few short years (2013) he turned BlackBerry around. The Cylance purchase may indeed be a bargain from the perspective of increased product offerings.

We need to create an electrical grid that is near impossible to hack. We need protection for what BB refers to the Enterprise of Things.  We need un-hackable instrument clusters in vehicles. We need to manage assets.
BlackBerry fits the bill on every level.

Like everyone else I am disappointed with the status of the share price. In my opinion the share price does not match the reality. IP licensing is yet another strong vertical.

For some reason I am rather calm (and maybe stupid) because I see opportunity…” 
(Po​stLet's state this in a different way)
Though we didn’t get to cover the metals and mining sector this week, gold is still on everyone’s mind. Our current Investor Pulse Poll asks where gold prices are heading in the next six months, and many respondents so far think the sky’s the limit! Head over to the homepage or click the image below to cast your vote.

(Click image to go to the poll)

Next week we see how the major sectors are faring in October, and which companies the Stockhouse Bullboards are focused on for the Fall trading season. Make sure to check back in here or subscribe to the newsletter to get the weekly Buzz review sent directly to your inbox. For previous editions of Buzz on the Bullboards: click here.

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