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The Calandra Report: So long San Diego, hello Cambodia

Thom Calandra Thom Calandra,
2 Comments| April 7, 2014

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To plagiarize a former USA president, well, that depends on what the meaning of is be.

PLAN BE is now running.

TCR Family: I will be spending all of my networking | writing | researching time here at The Calandra Report. This includes site and company visits for natural resources and for special situations in real estate and some computer and biomedical services. I also will be managing family wealth -- and in turn seeking real estate and other opportunities abroad.

The Calandra Report is growing rapidly. This includes strategic investors and their several large orders for subscriptions in March and April. Our new price is $110 yearly.

I believe the time is now for preparing for that Zul moment: when the gatekeeper releases the ghosts and corpses of Failed Resources Markets Past and allows entry to the fresh commodities (and other) gainers of Present & (One Believes) Future.

I no longer am consulting for Torrey Hills Capitalof San Diego. I point any and all of our strategics searching for fresh avenues to Torrey Hills and the Torrey Hills team. The investor outreach firm there is in my book still one of only a handful in the USA with both integrity and potent capital market connections.

I am off to Cambodia at the close of this week to update our files on Angkor Gold (TSX:V.ANK, Stock Forum). Plus: to teach English, to decorate the nonprofit ANK Foundation's two classrooms in Ratanakiri Province (Ban Lung and Okalla) and to entertain guests, investors, missionaries and influential writers in Phnom Penh and possibly Taipei.

I see that the Oscar-nominated documentary THE MISSING PICTURE is now out in art theaters in North America. It's a puppet show about the Khmer Rouge atrocities of the 1970s. A must-view.

NOTES: Our fresh TCR FAMILY members -- our goal is 1,000 by autumn 2014 -- will want to know these points:

-- We keep the $49 TCR logo in the attached image as a reminder that the price of admission is the price of renewal -- but only if you take out a recurring subscription. To be honest, the PayPal mechanism leaves many of us perplexed. This is why we always leave room for those who want to send cheques, checks and Czechs.

PayPal accepts credit cards, and the slice it takes is tiny enough. Those of you who are auto-renewed at your original price sometimes call in to say you never thought you authorized it. This is why, starting earlier this year of 2014, TCR began to advertise the non-recurring price. No auto-renewal on that one. (Remember: if you originally went recurring and want off, you have to call PayPal to do that; TCR cannot.)

Clean machine all around. Those who desire non-recurring admission to our thrice-weekly reports yet still wish to renew one year later at their starting price always may pingeth us here. We are here to serve the TCR family.

We started TCR in August 2012 at $25 yearly. It is now at $110.

-- Folks ask -- redirects to -- why? Well, that depends on what the meaning of is ain't.

Seriously, as our TCR audience knows, the strategy at profit central here is that we send you real-time reports, quickly, sometimes as text and sometimes, with longer reports, as PDFs, or portable document formats. We then allow our media partners, led by, and others, to re-publish.

The new close to our reports now lists links to our most loyal publishers:, and (See below for published lists of reports that go back to 2008.) I am involved with all three in some way. All have integrity and great reach. Their publishing of what our family receives first is valuable to us all. I think it is called media propagation. You first. Everyone else later.

-- And fire in the sky: These days, there is no smoke on the water at Arizona tailing ponds, at least those in the Superior area copper belt I just scanned with Desert Star and its partner Eurasian Minerals. I have pending orders to purchase more DSR (TSX:V.DSR, Stock Forum) shares below 19 cents Canadian. I bought 10,000 shares whilst in the air last week, if you recall. More to come on Desert Star, and I am told, more to come on that copper belt that hosts two working smelters, the developing Resolution Copper Mine and already has produced 20 million metric tons of copper since the late 1800s.

-- Our TCR 8 remains the same -- unless we see signs that the resources market is losing ground, we stand our ground. As it stands, our ground that is, we have every expectation for higher gold, silver, platinum, copper, zinc, nickel, most heavy elements and yes -- even thermal coal -- prices in coming months.

Speaking of, yes as advertised here, I now own highly speculative Prophecy Coal, a Mongolia operator with two mines. Prophecy's corporate counsel, Tony Wong, tells us today, as in minutes ago, that PCY (TSX:V.PCY, Stock Forum) is now officially OFF the British Columbia Securities Commission list of defaulting issuers. As of April 4, 2014. Prophecy just filed its revised economic report on its developmental mine and possible power-plant coal feeding operation for the country and region. The default listing was because of regulators' technical concerns about coal pricing figures.

(Please note: All of our personal positions here at the family office are listed under tcalandra at the portfolio function -- free for Stockhouse members. In addition, I own each of the TCR 8.)

Finally: Congratulations to Bob Allen of Grupo de Bullet in Colombia. Mr. Allen is retiring as chairman of Continental Gold (TSX:T.CNL, Stock Forum). I called Bob in his part-time home of Little Rock, Arkansas, to wish him the best. I think Bob knows what the meaning of is is.

Continental's properties came from Grupo de Bullet's syndications, and the junior miner (yes, there is production at Buritica) is working its way toward underground production - if co-founder, with Bob Allen, Ari Sussman, and their Continental Gold CEO, Mark Moseley-Williams, don't sell the Buritica asset kit-and-kaboodle to Agnico Eagle or Yamana Gold or someone like that (speculation on my part -- I think lots of signs point to an asset sale of Buritica by Continental, which will turn its attention to other Bullet properties in Colombia, perhaps one called Berlin).

Anyway, Mr. Allen, age 68 I believe, will be spending more time grooming his Otu project near Segovia (Gran Colombia Gold territory) towards production, he says. "There is every reason why we should be seeing a few Frontinos out there, not just the one that Gran Colombia (GCM) operates." Frontino is the historic name for GCM's Segovia high-grade underground mines and veins.

Mr. Allen believes his Otu property could become largely an open-pit kind of operation. Not entirely underground as Gran Colombia Gold's gold and silver output is. (GCM is one of our TCR 8, the worst performer of the TCR 8.) Mr. Allen already has the mills; and he has the grade -- 10 grams or more of gold per ton in some spots. I have seen Otu. The community work that Mr. Allen already has accomplished in Medellin and at Otu -- and indeed also at Buritica with Continental -- gets high marks.

Remember, this is rough territory -- Segovia is in picturesque Antioquia, but that part of the department is riddled with banditos and is not all that far from the Venezuela border. The area is getting better -- calmer, richer and wiser -- each day, thanks to efforts by area prospectors and miners, including GCM and Grupo de Bullet. It ain't perfect, but there are in 2014 vs. 2010 far fewer extortions, fewer polvo loco crazy powder explosions killing or maiming illegal miners and fewer kidnappings for ransom or revenge. Segovia and surrounding towns and villages can boast more bank accounts, more schools, cleaner ... but still toxic waterways and too many mom-pop mercury makeshift smelters (one is too many).

Once again, congratulations to Bob Allenfor helping to spawn what is now a $500 million company (and once was twice that size in market worth). I know there are a few fund owners of CNL that raised an eyebrow (or flipped their lids) when Bob lightened his Continental Gold stake more than a year ago at a price that was in the low teens. Yet he and his Grupo de Bullet own a sizeable stake still.

Besides, along with a few other Bobs in the Apple Tub, Mr. Allen is -- with Bob Carrington of Colombian Mines -- a Colombia faunt for me. I would know half as much about the nation's geology and properties and mineral districts were it not for Mr. Allen, who has a photographic memory for every rock, project and prospector he has come across.

Bob Allen spends about half his time in Colombia running Grupo de Bullet with his chief operating officer, (another) Bob Neill. Both are longstanding members of our TCR family. Mr. Neill, a 30-something version of Mr. Allen, hails from Mississippi and spends more than three-quarters of his time in Colombia. We last saw Bob Neill in Cambodia; Mr. Neill is a director of Angkor Gold, in which Mr. Allen is an investor

Bob Allen adds in our conversation today | Monday that he also will be assisting Solvista Gold (TSX:V.SVV, Stock Forum) (another of our TCR 8 and also spawned in part by Grupo de Bullet) in its development of the Guadalupe gold project and a search by SVV for a property outside Colombia, now that Solvista has partnered out its Caramanta porphyry to Iamgold.

Immediately worth pursuit: Angkor Gold, Prophecy and, I believe, Desert Star and Eurasian Minerals. How cheap is cheap? CNL also if you believe my asset-sale premonition (although I do NOT own shares of Continental Gold).

Your friendly,

Thom Calandra
@thomcalandra for Twitter

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Links @thomcalandra for Twitter
April 8, 2014

Torrey Hills Capital is =- it was a pleasure Best, Thom
April 8, 2014

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