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The Calandra Report: 'Rare' wins increase, Sysorex gets prime, plus Nexgen, TiVo, TRER

Thom Calandra Thom Calandra,
0 Comments| April 24, 2015

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Plus: TCR Blips Notice | 3.0 Notes | Prophecy?

Note: Corrects NXE ticker for NexGen; recasts Blips Material

?LARKSPUR, California --? Sysorex's Lilien unit here had a prime contract win from the USA government.

SYRX shares on NASDAQ are trading in giga-fashion.
TCR takeaway here -- what Geoff Lilien squibbed to me this morning about the relevance of the NIH information technology win. He says, "Our team did a great job on this – Dhruv Gulati (veteran Lilien executive) was the lead. This our first federal contract with Lilien as the prime."

Sysorex shares (SYRX on NASDAQ) will keep gyrating on terrific exchange of shares; today alone half the float, or approx. 5 million shares, is trading at prices all over the place. Essentially, $40 million market value Sysorex Global reports it is one of 65 Prime Contract Holders under the Chief Information Officer – Commodities and Solutions (CIO-CS) contract by National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center.
?The proof will come when quarterly sales numbers reflect the new business, and those of other recent contract wins.?

TCR makes the point that the tiny computer systems integrator will see as many "wins" from the legacy Lilien unit here in Marin County, California, as it will from its Sysorex and AirPatrol units. Sysorex's Lilien just received a NASA space agency contract. It is also getting military contracts for cybersecurity and in the commercial sector, stands to receive mobile tracking and analytics contracts from shopping malls, casinos, banks, theme parks.

?More TCR takeaway: The day before Sysorex reports its next quarterly numbers, SYRX shares will be selling for a price-to-sales comparable more in line with its billion-dollar peers (FireEye, Informatica and many others). I continue to purchase SYRX.

?NexGen Energy (NXE? in Canada) in Canada's Athabasca Basin published some deep uranium holes today (Thursday). I do not own it but I gave several nods to John Gomez, an active uranium investor, and to geologist and promoter Rob McLeod of IDM Mining, about the shares, which were dirt cheap three months ago but no longer are. {?Those two are both TCR family members. The shares are about doubled from then.}?

Leigh Curyer's NexGen is now a $115 million CAD company because of the Arrow discovery of 2014 and drilling program. Mr. Curyer, CEO, says deep is relative. He tells us today, "It's not deep economically considering this ?is completely basement hosted. Eagle Point is mining at 450 meters? below surface at 0.57% grade?. We are at least 5x? that grade based on assays to date."?

-- Uranium prospectors and producers are on a rare hot run this week. (See earlier TCR or Our take here is that some of the runners best be sold for the pocket change, unless you understand and accept that the U308s ted to return their equity gains as fast as they make 'em. The ones that interest me are the cheapest ones with excellent prospecting chances, even if they are beneath an Athabasca lake or in a basin.

I have to believe Fission 3.0 is one of those cheap ones now and twice the price in three weeks ones. Especially after my one-on-one with geologist Ross McElroy of larger sister company Fission Uranium. The 3.0 (FUU in Canada) is a tiny clone of the larger Athabasca explorer and hopes to manufacture separate companies for its shareholders. From what's in my notes, FUU looks like it could be on the verge of something big. Its sister company, operator of the Triple R project at The Basin, owns 12 percent of the FUU shares. Mr. McElroy, a longtime Athabasca and regional geologist who started 25 years ago in petroleum, not uranium, is president of the larger Fission Uranium. Man of few words even in one-on-ones, so thank goodness I have 'em in my notes.

-- Texas Rare Earth Elements: More from the notes on some cheap U308s. Specifically this one, yes, really is in Texas, with HQ in NYC. See map above. TRER is about the uranium and the lithium and the cheap share price. Let It Be as well? I continue to "vet" TRER's Round Top Mountain aggregate of mineralization with mill technologists and geologists and mineralogists who understand what it takes to bring a polymetallic deposit to fruition. Keep an eye on it. I own a little, and purchased more after meeting a principal, its chairman, Anthony Marchese, the other day.

My notes here say we likely will see more events for TRER (USA symbol) -- maybe like the offtake pact Texas Rare Earth did with a unit of uranium company AREVA. Only this time perhaps for the lithium, or the beryllium there in southwestern Texas an hour speeding east of El Paso, just off of Interstate 10 and a jog from Mexico. For some reason, I have the Be of beryllium underlined and starred. Time to Let It Be.

I just added another 15,000 TRER shares to a small position today (Thursday).?

If you all could not read TRER's comparable market cap list based on the uranium at Round Top, the one I inset the other day, I attach it this time and inset it.

-- TiVo is making me looking real good at home. I am not even wearing make-up. Let's get that on a digital video recorder, okie dokie? The stock continues its gains this week ahead of what likely will be more product and service announcements, such as the one we flagged the other day, thanks to our TiVo aficionado Tony Giallourakis in Florida. The TiVo takeaway remains: all-in-one bandwidth, content channels and sublime viewing and recording technology and hey, easy-peasy to use, with a TiVo. The shares are NASDAQ TIVO and yes, I look good at home because we bought them recently below $11 USD. It's $11.35 at last look, and probably not far from a change of control transaction that combines this with Amazon, or Netflix, or one of the satellite TV providers.

-- S?till no clue where Colt Resources will wind up with its tungsten, gold and copper desires, besides its Portugal properties, that is. Likely: Balochistan in Pakistan (via separate Middle East unit and subject to protracted government negotiation) and maybe central Africa. CEO Nikolas Perrault is mum, as we observe several board appointments. The Colt (GTP in Canada) is based in Lisbon and fond of publishing news at 12:30 p.m. Pacific time Fridays, for some reason. At that time I believe it is 8:30 in the Lisbon evening. Maybe 8:29 p.m. Anyway, it is me, and I do not know why.

Self Wins: I am going to put the lid on our $29 clone TCR Blips. This is the last week I am going to allow anyone to to get it for another year. It's too toxic (risky) for most of the general public, and I try not to see the supra-actionable sections revealed to that public. The other day, for instance, when we said to look for news from SYRX and TiVo. And now, when we are telling folks that 3.0 (above) and TRER, and our Angkor Gold (Cambodia) are on the verge of what likely will be intensely value-added events. Final chance for your friends; save it for Halloween and scare them: $29 TCR Blips. Have them ping me for the secret PayPal coda.

?Prophecy Resources: A reader at one of our media partners reminds me I was optiistic about Prophecy's foray into silver in Bolivia. I sold about half of my stake at a 40 percent loss in PCY. I am just wary of the Mongolia side of the business: thermal coal. The stock has taken a haircut. If John Lee and his team can produce actual silver from the tailings and stockpile at its fresh Pulacayo property, the stock likely will add back its recent losses. PCY is a favorite of speculative hedge funds, by the way.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Uranium Energy Corp. gets timing of the month honors.

A week ago, the NYSE-listed company (UEC ticker) that bills itself as America's Emerging Uranium Producer rolled out a new slide deck to investors. (Attached) The "town hall" presentation used Internet, telephone and broadcast.

The UEC slide deck is top notch as it provides a modern history of this strategic asset for nuclear reactors -- and also is known in its uranium oxides form as the chemical formulation U308.

This week, uranium is making headlines:

-- a Japan district judge's ruling to allow two nuclear reactors to proceed toward start-up is one. That sparked -- or continued -- a rally in uranium equities worldwide.

-- New York Times lead article about (Russia's) Uranium One and how former USA President Bill Clinton's family and charitable foundation benefited from Canada money connections. The article raised questions about Hillary Clinton's run for president and drew a statement from one of the money connections, Vancouver's Frank Giustra.

-- Toronto exec is found dead in the Blue Sky hotel in Ula Bator after negotiating to get his company's Khan Resources (KRI in Canada) the $104 million USD it won in a Mongolia arbitration a month earlier.

There also was my week-starting uranium breakfast in California with two USA hedge fund investors and Raymond James researcher and analyst David Sadowski, he of Canada.

Amir Adnani's Uranium Energy Corp. is enjoying a rocketing ride in its shares this week. Spectacular rise. UEC has uranium assets and a processing plant in Texas.

I met Mr. Adnani, a Canadian, last week. He also runs Brazil Resources, (KRI in Canada) a separate company that has uranium assets in the heralded Athabasca Basin.

TCR takeways for activist (not necessarily radio-activist) investors: Brazil Resources stands to gain some of the investment spotlight that UEC is enjoying now. Its Rea project in the western part of the high-grade basin up there in Canada has uranium company AREVA as a 25 percent partner. I won't be purchasing it, but I will keep an eye on it.

France's AREVA is also a partner, or has an offtake pact, with Texas Rare Earth Resources (TRER in USA). Like UEC, TRER is active in Texas. I have been purchasing that on the theory that is uranium, lithium and beryllium assets at Round Top in Texas are worth something close to $2 a share in a robust market for rare earth and uranium companies. The stock is 30 cents USD. Here is an El Paso, Texas, newspaper article about TRER's French Connection.

Finally, I am working on an article at ?about my field visit to Golden Wonder, owned by LKA Gold. It is a extreme-high-grade Colorado mine, and I own 6,000 shares. The article likely will appearMonday or Tuesday. TCR activist investors might take a look at LKAI (USA ticker).

Final call for investors to Cambodia for Angkor Gold in late May and early June. I will be there, along with principals and surprise guests.

-- Thom Calandra at

Now $139 yearly!

See: a home for our expanding TCR family.

$139: Will Recur Yearly

Thom Calandra & TCR are researchers and investors. They are not registered investment advisers. The research and material they offer to subscribers are meant as editorial opinion.

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