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The Crazy Ones - The Explorers

Featured Submission, Featured Submission
2 Comments| January 14, 2021

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2020 has seen incredible work done in Saskatchewan by Taiga Gold, MAS Gold, SSR Mining and SKRR Exploration.

Well, we are just getting started. SKRR is going to start drilling the Leland Gold project in the Trans Hudson Corridor within two weeks. And has assays pending on the Olson project in the Trans Hudson Corridor, where 18 holes were drilled during the fall of 2020.

Read the inspiring story below. Here is an excerpt from the speech given by the Honourable Bronwyn Eyre last March at PDAC.

"Explorers such as Gilbert Labine, who discovered radium on the shores of Great Bear Lake in 1930, way up near the Beaufort Sea. Gilbert grew up on an Ontario farm and left school at 15 to try his hand at prospecting. He’d heard about some copper and gold outcropping up there on Great Bear Lake, so he flew up to investigate."

Then you will see and understand what drives the "crazy ones" like Tim Termuende (Taiga Gold) , Ron Netolitzky (MAS Gold), and Ross McElroy (SKRR).

They are driven to explore and discover world class assets. And there is a reason they are exploring the Trans Hudson Corridor in Saskatchewan.

PDAC Presentation March 2020

Honourable Bronwyn Eyre
Minister of Energy and Resources
Minister Responsible for SaskEnergy
Minister Responsible for SaskWater

On behalf of Premier Moe and my colleagues in Regina—welcome to PDAC and the Saskatchewan reception...always one of the more spirited receptions I attend.

It’s great to be here again this year, with my colleagues from the Ministry of Energy and Resources: including Cory Hughes and Gary Delaney...who do such great work.

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the generous sponsors who made this event tonight possible. Just a few of the mining and exploration companies, service providers, and related organizations operating in Saskatchewan.

Thank you for doing what you do in our province. All of you.
We are grateful...and so proud of you.

This isn’t an easy time, to be sure...I was door-knocking on the weekend, and met no fewer than three people employed by mines in the province, near Saskatoon, who had been either laid-off—or were worried about it. Worried about the uncertainty—and the real economic impact—that’s been caused by the blockades, the strike before Christmas...the derailment along the same stretch of track within a few months.

None of it helps—when there are already cyclical, market challenges to contend with.

The growing anti-resource sentiment we’re seeing in this country, and internationally: that doesn’t help either. We have to remain strong in our support of our energy and resource sectors. And we have to take note, and remember, when people who should know better, say they’re “anti-uranium,” or call coal “low-hanging fruit.” Because these positions have a real impact on people.

Despite the challenges (and the real people impacted by them), our province, over the past number of years, has seen intense and sustained exploration activity. From 2008 to 2018, there’s been an estimated $36 billion invested in mineral exploration and development in Saskatchewan. And that dollar figure continues to grow.

Total mineral exploration spending in Saskatchewan in 2018 was $229 million, and we currently estimate it will be over $280 million for 2019—well above historic annual totals.

We have to do everything we can to continue to foster and sustain our crucial mining sector. Our new Growth Plan targets INCREASING the annual value of uranium sales to $2 billion by 2030...the value of Potash sales to $9 billion.

Our Mineral Development Strategy, and Targeted Mineral Exploration Incentive, are seeing early successes when it comes to exploration for base metals, precious metals, and diamonds. At least 110 new drill holes and proposed expenditures of more than 6.5 million dollars in the eligibility area around Creighton-Denare Beach.

Eligible companies will receive a grant of up to $50,000 a year to support exploration efforts. The program has triggered a net increase of some 628,000 hectares of new mineral dispositions and more than 600 downloads of raw data and maps of provincially-funded geophysical surveys.

When it comes to SPURRING those exploration efforts, we listened to you when you told us that we had to reinstate the PST exemption on exploratory and down-hole drilling. We DID that. And we KNOW that every dollar is going right back into the ground. So, thank you for your patience with us on that one.

Because exploration, we know, is the R&D of mining.

We also recently announced our new, updated Geoscience Data Management system and our Saskatchewan Geological Survey hub page...which are about YOU getting the data you need; and about creating more public engagement and ease of access, when it comes to information about our mining and natural resources.

Last year I was here, I was so heartened to hear the ENTHUSIASM about our mining sector: the renewed spring in people’s step on the trade floor about prospects in Saskatchewan. And how one delegate told the government of PERU that it should be “more like Saskatchewan.”

That’s always good to hear.

And this year, again...

Because we are the province of so intrepid explorers...Explorers such as Gilbert Labine, who discovered radium on the shores of Great Bear Lake in 1930, way up near the Beaufort Sea. Gilbert grew up on an Ontario farm and left school at 15 to try his hand at prospecting. He’d heard about some copper and gold outcropping up there on Great Bear Lake, so he flew up to investigate.

He didn’t find much of that...But flying OUT of the area, he spotted signs of cobalt colouration on some rock outcrops. And that momentary happenstance would prove to have international implications.

As Patricia Sandbergh writes in her award-winning book on the Gunnar mines, Sun Dogs and Yellowcake, Labine later said that he knew at that moment he was flying over “elephant country”—in other words, a very promising mineral find.

He returned to Great Bear Lake the following spring with a prospector. Sandbergh writes, “Even in May, the snow was deep and the lake frozen. The men built a small sleigh from nearby saplings, loaded their equipment, and then, not having a dog team, pulled it themselves to the northern end of the lake.”

The prospector was stricken with snow blindness and had to remain in the camp, so Labine headed out on his own. After several days, he spotted a great cliff wall stained with cobalt bloom and copper green. Going closer, he later said: “I found a dark piece of ore the size of a large plum. Looking more closely, I found the vein. I chopped it off with my hammer, and there it was: pitchblende.”

He recognized the pitchblende instantly and knew it contained...radium.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Who know what you’ll find out there!
To all of you, the Gilbert Labines of 2020, thank you for coming tonight.

Thank you for doing what you do in Saskatchewan! We’re lucky to have you!


Jeremy Brick
Chief of Staff to the Honourable Bronwyn Eyre
Minister of Energy and Resources

FULL DISCLOSURE: SKRR Exploration Inc. is a client of Stockhouse Publishing.

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