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Emission-Free Energy Generation and Transportation is Here...Today!

Dave Jackson Dave Jackson, Stockhouse
6 Comments| February 11, 2021

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(Click image to play video)

According to Wood Mackenzie Energy Storage Service, by 2024, energy storage capacity is expected to grow 12 times and the market value will reach in excess of 546 billion dollars globally by 2035. With such demand, a better solution is needed to keep the power running and one Vancouver BC-based company believes it has that solution.

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (CSE: ACDC, OTC: CRYBF, Forum) is a Blockchain and Battery technology company with revolutionary, patented Battery Management Systems – or BMS – designed to meet the exponentially growing demand for scalable, smart solutions for the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Solution markets. Its platform can, among other things, utilize applied and interfaced AI with its proprietary BMS that “learns” and improves in real time.

In this high-energy and enlightening video Q&A, Stockhouse Media’s Dave Jackson was joined by Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies’ President and CEO, Bryson Goodwin to get the information shareholders and investors are looking for in the burgeoning energy storage sector.


SH: So, Bryson, for our audience that may be new to EV Battery Technologies can you tell us a bit about the history of the company and a quick bio about yourself?

BG: EV Battery Technologies is the results of many years of work, design and planning before we even considered public company representation.

We have taken public what I consider to be the most advanced and versatile BMS Technology to ever hit the market. We are using patented technology which we have exclusive rights to, to internally design and develop state of the art products.

Each product is designed with a vision of where the world is going and how we can maximise the leverage this technology has in an underserviced marketplace.

SH: Let’s get straight to the big news, clearly the company is moving into sales of products can you give us an overview of what you have released to the market and how that news was received? Is this why you guys are raising $2.5 million dollars?

BG: Like I said, this has been many years in the works, but since the beginning of the year we have finally been able to launch two major products and have unveiled a third which we hope to launch in the coming month.

We decided to focus on Energy Storage System, or ESS products, as it is a $500 BILLION DOLLAR+ marketplace, which is severely underserviced and the very essence of where our technology excels!

Through our Custom and Exclusive Brand, Ionix Pro, we have launched:

  1. The Home SmartWall; and
  2. The TITAN EnergyCore.

We have also unveiled our plans for a very exciting RV product to give our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders a glimpse into our plans to enter the EV market and recreation market.

Each product is clearly differentiated from the rest of the market thanks to our patented AI integrated Battery Management technology, which is the brains that powers each of our products and allows them to have features that no other product can offer.

We carefully selected these first two products for our launch as we believe they enter a significantly underserviced segment of the global ESS market. We wanted to ensure that we had the greatest chances for success within the largest growing segments.

SH: WOW, that is a lot in just one month! Can you tell us a little bit more about the SmartWall and the TITAN EnergyCore?

BG: SmartWall – Basically allows homes to be energy independent if the install renewable power. Even if they do not, they are no longer at the mercy of peak prices as they can engage in peak shaving, by using the battery when prices are high and then charge the battery when prices are low.

TITAN – Elon Musk has been saying that Tesla cannot keep up with the demand in this industry. It is projected to go to 546B. We have a product that we feel is superior to Tesla’s and we intend on taking as much of that $546 BILLION dollar pie as possible.

SH: Can you tell shareholders and investors how These products will exceed the needs of today and meet the smart grid integration requirements of tomorrow?

BG: All our products are designed with the worlds transition to smart grids in mind. 2-way communication, transactional power its all related and considered from the titan to the RV solution!

We discussed the major potential of the TITAN EnergyCore, well the TITAN series is a custom designed industrial grade ESS solution tailor-made to specific client dictated specifications. From Solar and Wind farms to city wide power blending we can deliver scalable power management ESS solutions of any shape and size.

SH: Your Vision is Huge: “Emission Free Energy Generation and Transportation” How does EV Battery Tech plan to contribute to this vision in the near and long term?

BG: Our mission is to create, develop, manufacture and sell technologies and products that every home, office and industrial building can use. From EV to ESS and renewable energy generation, we will be creating the products, services and infrastructure required to achieve our vision.

Our management team, consultants and advisors are encouraged to innovate products that ensure we meet and exceed our mission in every product we develop. Our Business plans are to capture a very achievable 1% of the market in each vertical we have targeted. We feel that 1% of a combined 500-billion-dollar market is a very big win for our shareholders and represents a realistic goal from a market penetration perspective.

SH: This patented AI system for recycling has immense implications. What can you tell us about it at this stage of development?

BG: The world has an ever-growing problem with Lithium-Ion batteries. Did you know that when an EV battery reaches about 70% effectiveness it is retired? Retired is a nice term for thrown away. The combination of our BMS and some testing and rebalancing and we can take that garbage and give it a second life. To be honest, its not a complete fix to a global problem but it’s a huge step forward and a great development for ESS back up solutions!

SH: President Joe Biden recently declared that ‘We can’t wait any longer’ to address climate crisis. How can a company like ACDC, and its products and processes, help address these existential issues?

BG: At ACDC we believe that change starts on the personal level and flows forward. As I just stated we have our offering to a better cleaner choice for recycling. Its also important to note that the Titan and Smart Wall represent an opportunity for everyone to make smarter environmentally responsible choices. Green Intermittent power generation options fundamentally require ESS storage to be effective. By offering the best products for these solutions we help with a greener choice.

SH: Can you tell our audience about building your corporate management team…especially the experience and innovative ideas they bring to the EV and ESS space?

BG: Management team is probably the wrong choice of words. We have strategic partners, Technical Advisors and industry mentors. The company will grow and with each successful step we will add more depth and knowledge to ensure we meet the needs of today and those of tomorrow.

SH: Can you update our audience and your shareholders on your recent stock surge – up over 600 percent – since late December…what’s the secret sauce?

BG: My belief is people look at us, the new guy in a 500-billion-dollar marketplace and then buy the stock based on their individual research. I personally feel that when you compare us to our marketplace peers you see an undervalued stock in an exponentially growing market niche with a 2+ year waiting lists for products. The company is undervalued today and with our transition into sales it represents a compelling entry point.

SH: Bryson, what sets really sets your business model apart from other companies and what makes it attractive to both retail and institutional investors?

BG: The technology! The Segment and where the world is headed! When Bill Gates was sitting in his garage building Microsoft a few smart investors took a moment to reflect on where the world was headed and invested in multiple companies based on that direction. Microsoft and Apple followed that vision and changed the world! Everyone agrees that the world is switching to renewable energy. What everyone doesn’t seem to grasp is it doesn’t work without and ESS. We offer the operating system to intermittent energy production.

SH: Thank you for joining us today, Bryson. If I’ve missed anything, please feel free to elaborate.

BG: Well, certainly, and, and shareholders feel free to send an email. A few of you been surprised. I actually return phone calls you know, leave a message. And, and there's, there's a bunch of people on the team doing it. We have an IRR person, but or an IR assistant, I should say, but they're constantly behind. So I'll step in and return phone calls. And I've called a few shareholders across North America and, and had a personal conversation with them. So, you know, we're working very hard to get, to get where we are now, and we're working very hard to get where we want to be. And I thank all shareholders for that support.

For more information, please visit

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a paid article produced by Stockhouse Publishing.

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I like where this company is going. I was wondering when the results of the PP will be announced and the pre-orders.
February 11, 2021

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