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PlantX Life: Must-see Investor Update with CEO Julia Frank

Dave Jackson Dave Jackson, Stockhouse
1 Comment| February 25, 2021

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They truly have become “the digital face of the plant-based community” and they’re called Plant-X Life Inc. (VEGA) (CSE.VEGA, Forum) – a one-stop-shop and distribution company with a fast-growing database offering customers across North America, and now Europe, more than five thousand products. In addition to offering pre-made meals and indoor plant deliveries, the company is expanding its product lines to include cosmetics, vitamins, clothing, and its own pure water brand.

Stockhouse Media’s Dave Jackson was joined, once again, by company CEO Julia Frank to talk about they’re record-breaking monthly revenue in January, new collaborations, charitable partnerships, and all of the exciting new happenings going on at Plant-X that shareholders and investors need to know.


SH: So Julia, in the brief time since we last talked a lot has been going on at PlantX. Can you walk us through some of the recent highlights?

JF: Sure. I mean, we had quite some highlights since we talked after the last time…we actually started a collaboration with a farm cup coffee. We started our expansion of our plan subscription for Bloombox Club UK into Germany. We got a new PlantX advisor, remember Mr. José Abbo. And we started a charitable partnership with offset schools to all stars and wow. We had record breaking monthly revenue in January, so yeah, quite a lot of highlights in the past few weeks.

SH: Well, congratulations.

JF: Thank you so much!

SH: Can you walk us through the new collaboration with direct trade, single origin Farm Cup Coffee?

Click to enlargeJF: We are super happy to announce our collaboration with a farm cup coffee from pub coffee was founded in 2017 and they focus on organic coffee that is ethically sourced from farm owners around the world. And they actually started selling out of a Citroen van outfitted as a mobile and stylists stylish coffee shop, which I find an amazing story. And the founders are very much into sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyle which goes perfectly along with our plant X vision and yeah, through the collaboration, we have the opportunity to display and sell our selection of our indoor plant collection and in the new farm hub, coffee's new physical location in best Hollywood and yeah, it gives us more brand awareness and more visibility. So that partnership is perfect for us.

SH: You’ve also just announced the expansion of Company’s popular plant subscription platform, Bloombox Club UK, into Germany. What’s happening here with this one?

JF: Bloombox Club UK was acquired by PlantX in November 2020. And we just expanded its indoor plan subscription platform into Germany. I mean, as you know, I'm originally from Germany. So for me that's a very important and, and big step and I'm really happy that that we that we able to bring that service into Germany says actually last week we launched under the new domain in Germany and offer. Like I said since last week, the same features that made Bloombox Club successful in the United Kingdom. And Yeti's features include plan, subscription services, indoor plan selection, plant care, and selfcare packages and a wide variety of pots and accessories. So I'm, I'm really happy about that step that we made.

SH: On C-Suite side of the business, you’ve recently announced José Abbo, former chairman of Panama’s $1.5 billion Sovereign Wealth Fund, as chairman of the PlantX Advisory Team. Please tell us more about his addition to the company.

JF: Yeah, I mean, he has more than 30 years of financial experience. He's a prominent and heater wider visionary in the capital market sector. And, I mean, he has proven his excellence throughout many roles, including as a financial advisor and investment consultant. So yeah, he's just a great addition to our advisory team which help us to guide growth-oriented business strategy.

SH: You announced a record-breaking monthly revenue in January. What leads the revenue?

JF: Yeah, exactly. We achieved our record monthly gross revenue of $1.89 million dollars to be very precise for the month of January 2021. And to give you a little bit more insights for the month of December 2020, we achieved a gross revenue of 1,029,000. And since it was the holiday season, we didn't really expect that, that we are able to even have a higher revenue in January because usually in January it's a little bit slower, but you know since we, since we had great marketing and branding efforts and, you know, innovative partnerships also, we basically launch new products and verticals on the website on a weekly basis. So that's why we were able to even exceed the December gross revenue. So we are really excited and yeah, really happy about that.

SH: Can you tell us a bit about your charitable partnership with ‘After-School All-Stars’ – a national non-profit organization in the U.S. S this sounds like a wonderful idea.

JF: I'm so proud that we were able to partner up with that non-profit organization in the United States. They, they provide free programs designed to keep children safe, healthy, and yet to help them succeed in school and in life. And yeah, that's basically going along with our mission to help communities to have a better and healthier lifestyle. And yeah, we are really happy to help. And I sent actually, we'll be hosting an event in collaboration with above foods which is a plant-based protein company to deliver plant-based pizza kids to participating after school, all stars. And the meal kit delivery will be complimented by offering a live cooking class that will teach participants and their families how to cook plant-based pizza, which I think is an amazing idea. And also, we will facilitate donations to the organizations. So plant X customers are now able to donate to afterschool stars before they submit their online payment on our platform. So basically you can, you can add a little amount to your purchase and it directly goes to after-school all the stuff, which I think is amazing.

SH: And lastly, Julia, if there’s anything else that I’ve overlooked and you’d like to add, please feel free to elaborate.

JF: I would just like to point out that'd be just also launched our subscription-based set and forget option for the meal deliveries. So you can choose between three or four, three or five full days with meals delivered to your door. And I can just like recommend everyone. Who's like never tried a plant-based nutrition for a couple of days in a row. I think that's like ideal because you don't have to like cook, you don't have to go grocery shopping and you can find out how it actually feels because many people think that a plant-based nutrition doesn't give you enough energy, you know? So you can like really to try it out and see how, how your, how your energy level is, how you feel and what basically changes in your, in your, in your body. And you can, you can really feel that you will have enough energy. I promise because actually that's, that's the thing that I hear the most when I talk to people about plant-based nutrition and I really want to make people to try it and to find out for themselves.

SH: Well, Julia, I am definitely going to try your five-day plan and next time we talk, I'll be able to give you a fantastic update on sort of a new year's resolution! Thanks again for joining us, Julia. Be well and stay safe.

JF: Thank you. You too.

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FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a paid article produced by Stockhouse Publishing.

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