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Visionstate continues to launch WANDA in new markets

Brieanna McCutcheon , The Market Herald Canada
0 Comments| 11 days ago

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TMH: Visionstate is a growth-oriented company investing primarily in the Internet of Things, big data and analytics, and sustainability.

The Edmonton-based tech firm’s proprietary smart technology now extends to a range of public facilities across and beyond North America.

Joining us today at the Top Line is the company’s President, Shannon Moore.

TMH: To start off, give us a little background on Visionstate, what it does and where its focus lies…

SM: Absolutely. So, our focus started with our product called WANDA and WANDA stands for Washroom Attendant Notification Digital Aid. It started in a new mall in Calgary where we went in and there’s this pen and piece of paper for collecting information on cleaning and boy did it look antiquated and there must be a better solution and so this is where WANDA was originally developed. And since then, it’s just been new and interesting development since.

TMH:So, your Internet of Things technology is really applied widely in several different businesses, correct?

SM: Absolutely. It started as I said, as a washroom attendant notification digital aid but honestly it is in every kind of building you can imagine. Whether it’s a school, hospitals, very popular in hospitals, hotels, businesses. There’s really no type of industry that we can’t adapt our technology for.

TMH: Let’s talk about your technology. Tell us about wandaNEXT and wandaMOBILE…

SM: So wandaNext and wandaMobile really function the same. wandaMobile was the next generation of Wanda. Wanda as you had noted, started as the tablets that you see, which you still some sometimes see. but through Covid it really became important to have a touchless solution ad that’s where wandaMobile was developed and that’s where we use our own cell phone as a web-based app and using QR codes to record information. Now the wandaNext came from our development partner and business partners, Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene and so they have their own customer base, and they use the title wadaNext for them but it’s all basically wandaMobile.

TMH: And you’re also involved in the Artificial Intelligence space, correct? Tell us about that?

SM: Well just like during Covid, we all became so familiar with QR codes and even my 70-year-old mom could order off a restaurant menu with a QR code, which surprised me but now no problem. The next generation really is AI. You have to be able to advance during that. So, we have now incorporated AI into our Wanda portal and we have really exciting developments for that in the future to be able to actually use your app on your phone just using your AI. So right now, we have the AI support on the portal that gives our users that extra help. How do I do this or how do I add a new area? How do I add a new user? It’s there to support you. It’s a comfortable, easy thing to use. So therefore, it is just gonna transfer over onto our mobile app as the next generation, next iteration.

TMH: It’s so true. Even after COVID has been done for some time now and we’re just dealing with the residual effects, I still go to restaurants and there’s still QR codes in some of them, so here to stay.

SM: Yes, absolutely and it’s not scary, once upon a time you’d look at them and you’re like, I don’t know what this is. How do I get this information and it’s the same thing with AI.

TMH:Just last month you raised more than a half-a-million dollars in capital. You said at the time the financing was oversubscribed which demonstrated market demand. Walk us through that.

SM: We have an interesting press release that come out as you had noted on the AI and as these things happen and as business partners sign on, the interest grows. So, what we thought was going to be a regular ask, we turned into an over subscription and we’re really fortunate to have so many wonderful people believe in our company and get excited with us. So that that just shows the demand, and it shows the interest and I think that’s the good story there is how the market is really shifting towards more and more interest in AI and IOT.

TMH:Is there anything else we haven’t touched on yet that is important for our viewers and your investors to know at this point?

SM: I think one of the biggest news stories that we have right now is our growth not only in Canada but outside of Canada. So, it’s an interesting environment when you’re dealing with tech in Canada and shifting to the way the rest of the world deals with tech. It’s a little bit different and we’re excited about it and we’ve already developed some interesting contracts outside of Canada and we are really looking forward to putting those press releases together and telling everybody about that and including the US, including UK as far as Australia. So, these are exciting developments and I think that it’s a good time to be involved.

TMH: Thanks again for joining us today here at the Top Line.

We’ve been speaking with Visionstate President, Shannon Moore. The company trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘VIS.’ You can also visit for more information.

This is sponsored content issued on behalf of Visionsate Corp., please see full disclaimer here.

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