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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum Alset EHome International Inc. AEI

Alset EHome International Inc is a holding company. It is engaged in real estate, financial services, digital transformation technology, and biohealth activities. The company operates in four business segments namely, Real Estate, Digital Transformation Technology, Biohealth Business, and other business activities. It generates most of the revenue from the Real Estate segment.

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AEI ... I always under-estimate "The Pro's" actions

I coulda been a contendah !  rate and reply

AEI ..... The "Pro" is helping "The Boss" off paper... JMHO

No position Made all I have to....Cheers !  rate and reply

AEI .... Not the full ER but read every word ; )

You've all been had !   Alset EHome International Inc. Reports FY2021 Results with 22% Revenue Growth and Stronger Financial Position   2022-03-31 14:51 ET - News more

AEI ..... Take a wild guess..... ?

46 f'ing pesos now  U should have took me up on my offer when I mentioned what I had uncovered in my research. No likes or "Thumbs up "......  Sorry to say .....grass more

AEI....48 pesos this a.m ; )

I love being right ; )  rate and reply

AEI ..... Please refer to my 10 ft pole comment LoL ; )

I told out below !!!!  rate and reply

AEI ..... THe only thing I will tell you is....

I wouldn't touch this deal with a 10 foot pole ; ) My research told me so....which none of you even wanted to listen to !  Cheers !  rate and reply

AEI ..... I started accumulating AEI.....

on March 03/22....posted that info and many more as it eventually move to the recent high of $0.73 I told you that I crystalized my profits and sold. Well during that time ....nobody on SH more

AEI .... R u all watching the Tape?????

REad my previous posts on AEI  rate and reply

AEI .... Nobody wants to know ; )

Here is my next target........... sub $0.55 And that won't even hold... u've all been had to make a guy named Ambrose money ; )  JMHO  rate and reply

AEI .... I will let u in on a little secret ; )

"The Trend is not Your Friend"  rate and reply

AEI ...And not 1 person is curious as to what I came up with

LMFAO !!!  rate and reply

AEI ...... in PB mode this a.m

Did some research last night....... I've uncovered some really good "Dirt Digging" stuff ; ) Cheers !  rate and reply

AEI ...... Retracement mode 63 cents ; )

Sub 60 here we come !  rate and reply

AEI ....sold all AEI over $0.70...... Cha F'ing CHing !!!!

Cheers !  rate and reply

AEI into the 1st Gap above $0.67 ; )

Who's your Daddy ?  Cheers !  rate and reply

AEI ....nothing personal but for some reason.....

My SH Reputation never goes up....I never get a "like " on my posts Qrickey....your up 40% if u followed me   Cheers !  rate and reply

AEI ...... N.H>O.D .... over $0.61 ....

The trend is your friend Hard to say but I'm a firm believer in Gaps will get revisited.... There are a few way higher ; )  Cheers   rate and reply

RE:AEI ...... heading North and broke res at $0.43

Worth a Repeat ; ) And just to clarify..... $0.67 would be the actual breakout I would like to see it get smash and then moveinto the gap above .  Cheers !  rate and reply

AEI .... rockin in AH 59

Gotta like the trend ; ) Cheers!  rate and reply