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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum Blox Labs Inc. C.BLOX

Alternate Symbol(s):  CRYBF

Blox Labs Inc. is a boutique technology development company that is focused on creating best-in-class software solutions that are driven by emerging trends in Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Decentralized Application Technologies. Blox Labs is actively targeting strategic acquisitions of high growth companies in the technology sector and is open to partnerships.

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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Transit lie

On The Path to Hell your the worst human I have ever heard of. Go to Hell buddy you deserve it as you have a Corrupt mind. What a POS Loser.  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Transit lie

Have a nice evening and best of luck on your path to mental stability.   rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:RE:Transit lie

And the fact is this. I will pray to my imaginary friend Jesus, both day and night, to bring you down. And you will know whom you are fighting against. You are so so sad, but Jesus will hear my more

RE:RE:RE:Transit lie

You sure do provide exceptional entertainment with your tall tales of your make-believe friends doing me harm. I don't know if it's drugs you're on or drugs you need to be on but more

RE:RE:Transit lie

Have new for you satanic creature. Jesus is real, not my imaginary friend. And I will be praying day and night for your destruction, which is near. You make fun of God ? Then God help you more

RE:Transit lie

#triggered Take a seat wackjob!  rate and reply

RE:Transit lie

Hahahahahha who knew that on the path was actually on the path to god, not wealth! Lol.  You and your make-believe friend can think all you want of me. That little fantasy world you live in more

Transit lie

Post your credentials for all to see. Why wont you do this ? Coward ? Well, Jesus will be prayed to tonight to bring your  pompous, lying, prideful and hateful attitude down. Truth is, you more

RE:RE:RE:RE:Poor little lie transit, whatever that means ?

Have much more money than you godless one. 20 grand to me is a million to you. Pathetic try, god hater  rate and reply

Transit lie

As you have said, you own none of this stock,  but attest to the fact you are a bully, wanting only the destruction of Josie.  I think that shows the board that you are just an evil more

RE:RE:RE:Poor little lie transit, whatever that means ?

Uh oh, sounds like another keyboard warrior is crumbling under the pressure of inferiority!  How much are you down on this stock big guy? Still having trouble coping? Poor loser.   rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:Poor little lie transit, whatever that means ?

Hahaha written like a true simpleton, too bad you're so many levels below the average idiot. Grab your crayons and your helmet and head back to anger management. Maybe they can help you cope more

RE:RE:Poor little lie transit, whatever that means ?

Dont have my glasses. What a pathetic name. Are you saying you are mad because the transit authority got your bus ticket wrong ?  I dont have my glasses.....are you the transit lie, or more

RE:RE:Poor little lie transit, whatever that means ?

Well loser boy, you admit, you never owened this dumpster fire. Professional acolaes ? You havbe none. Your here to call out Josie ? You mean the person who has been correct for the last year, more

RE:Poor little lie transit, whatever that means ?

Hey there halfwit, you couldn't be more incorrect!   Lovely little attempt at a condescending lecture but contrary to your simple minded assumption this company has never failed me and more

As bitcoin slips to $18,000.

Nvidia GPU Prices Plummet As Crypto Mining Craters BY TYLER DURDEN THURSDAY, JUN 30, 2022 - 12:25 PM Between the recent crash in cryptos and an upcoming more

Poor little lie transit, whatever that means ?

Your company failed you ! They said they would have crypto postive cash flow by today. But of course, no news release as no cash flow. I love how you cant accept facts. I take it you are a more


As expected, great comeback little boy.   rate and reply
@ the Bell: Summer blues for TSX, Wall Street sees worst half since 1970
On the last day before the Canada Day long weekend, the TSX finished lower by triple digits in broad-based decline as commodity prices fell. Energy and base metals led decliners, while near 20 per... read article.


    You want to see trash, look in the mirror. It doesn't stupid looking than that.  rate and reply

RE:RE:Even lil loser vinny cant stand by the companies statements

Well dumbo, copying my statements, anger filled pumper loser.  First of all, I would never take a dictate from you ever. Second, I complained to the securities institute for concerns. 3rd, more