Looks like I picked another winner alright: :-((

The Company has been delayed in completing the Required Filings as a result of an earlier delay in completing audit work for the year-ended February 28, 2022 and the availability of accounting staff. The Company continues to anticipate that the Required Filings will be completed and filed on or before August 12, 2022.

The Company has been advised by the British Columbia Securities Commission that it will not be in a position to grant a further management cease trade order with respect to the Required Filings. As a result, the Company may be subject to a general cease trade order issued by the British Columbia Securities Commission. If such an order is issued, shareholders will be restricted from trading in the Company's securities until such time as the Required Filings have been completed and the order revoked.

The Company also announces that its short-term investor relations contract with Purple Crown has concluded, ending July 31, 2022. Going forward, investor relations will be coordinated inhouse by John Henderson, Chief Operating Officer and Interim Chief Financial Officer.