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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum NeuroSense Therapeutics Ltd. NRSN

NeuroSense Therapeutics Ltd is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing treatments for patients suffering from debilitating neurodegenerative diseases, these diseases include Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, among others. Its lead product candidate, PrimeC, is a novel extended-release, or ER, oral formulation of a fixed dose combination of two generic FDA-approved drugs, ciprofloxacin and celecoxib, combined in a specific ratio.

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thanks john for the tip i just sold made good profit

time for another one  rate and reply

NRSN .... ur on your own Mr. M.....

Not chasing your sh8t  rate and reply

Who is FormTex?

Newly acquired by Good Natured for USD $4.8M, FormTex generated unaudited revenue of USD $5.1M for the trailing twelve months ended February 28, 2022, and an unaudited gross margin rate of approximately 42% in FY2021. Through this acquisition, GDNP now has strategic access to Texas and the Southern US. and will be able to leverage Houston-based manufacturing, importing, warehousing, and logistics to service the southeastern U.S. market, including Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. more

NRSN ....Mr. M ....time to get ur head out of ur a$$

It's Fryday...whack away !!!  rate and reply

NRSN .... see what I mean..... big bid shows up.....

Lures some others into....then it disappears  Smoke & F'ing mirrors Still waiting for some cheap paper in this P.o.S  rate and reply

NRSN .... Level II is a crooked indicator

Non existant bids show up and disappear !  rate and reply

NRSN ...come on A$$hole..... whack the bid

Still waiting and I'm getting bored  rate and reply

NRSN .....Green to Red move ; )

Wait for it..... I see Mr. Maggot wants to put the screws to ya  target $2.57.... Cheers !  rate and reply

NRSN .... That's better Mr. Maggot....manip it down ; )

Time to re-load ?  D bag  rate and reply

NRSN .... LMFAO ... Mr. Magoo f'ing with this again

Go sh8t in a river  rate and reply

NRSN .... Happy "Fryday" Folks....

Looking for continued weakness in this maniped deal. This is "Spear-catching" at it's finest ; ) How low can this go...... ya pays yo money and yo takes yo chances  Cheers !  rate and reply

NRSN .....drop it down some more Mr. M....

Cheers !  rate and reply

NRSN .... Level II is all smoke and mirrors !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A complete sh8t show !!!!  rate and reply

NRSN ....... Mr. Maggot ...ur a perfect Hymen Slimer !!!

Go sh8t in a river  rate and reply

NRSN ....falling like a f'ing volume...just

Mr . Maggot doing his "Thang"  rate and reply

NRSN ..... The 40 K share bid just disappeared

It was just smoke and mirrors ; )  What else is new ????  rate and reply

NRSN .... Level II ... 40 K on the bid at $2.85.... Sheesh..

I wonder who that is? The Cockroach  rate and reply

NRSN .... Mr. Maggot has gone on a vacay

No bidders now  Time to place ur bets ?  rate and reply

NRSN ...... Level II is showing 40K shares offered

..... ya sure ! Your chasing the no offer down  This is going to be very interesting !!!  rate and reply

NRSN...... You know your onto something when......

You buy a small position and Mr. Maggot whacks the big (no size on the bid ; ) and in a blink of an eye your down over 10 % You don't scare me Mr. Maddapakka ..... 2 can play this game !  rate and reply

NRSN....LoL.... I guess not ; )

Mr. Maggot wants all you chasers paper Buy hold and prosper  sub $3 Cheers !  rate and reply