Right back at ya dufus.

Maybe you can post some moe informative biden vids or pro-gun propaganda to help ENB investors make educated  investing choices?

Didn't anybody get shot today?

ENB went up today.  How did BNS do today?


Go Enbridge! ;-)

FiddyFiddyOddzz wrote: Thanks for the information Sarge, and i appreciate the spread sheet. Your response was much more informative and educational than Quin's grade six response.

Man, you sure can spot an Ontarian from a mile away.....

Sarge wrote:"Hey Fiddy

I see you're still working up a storm with your worrying. Good to see that some things never change.

As I've always said, my wife & I are incredibly comfortable being 100% invested in 16 TSX dividend income/growth stocks with a similar book value fo each. We are income investors so total returns don't really matter but I can't help but notice that the 16 stocks help smooth things out. In fact, as of today's close, we are up 1.93% YTD. Obviously not too bad given this year's markets.

A while back, I built a spreadsheet for the 52 week high from June 16, 2021 to June 15, 2022 for our stocks. The sheet gets updated automatically with the current price at the end of each day (see below). The sheet is strictly stock price only and doesn't account for dividends.

It's quite an interesting sheet especially when you compare ENB to many of the other holdings. It sure has held up well and has a bonus of being the 2nd highest yielder, only behind NWH.

I still think that the midstreamers are going to do really well in the next year or two. If it was me, I definitely wouldn't swap BNS for ENB. I'd hold them both (of course, I'd just hold all 16 and am going to)  :-)


Check current vs 52 wk high from 21.06.16-22.06.15
Stock   52wk High   Current   diff%
AQN   20.19   18.42   -8.77
BCE   74.09   65.15   -12.07
BMO   154.47   131.15   -15.10
BNS   95.00   76.54   -19.43
CPX   46.51   50.69   8.99
DIR.UN   17.60   12.08   -31.36
EMA   65.23   61.96   -5.01
ENB   59.69   56.64   -5.11
FTS   65.26   59.63   -8.63
KEY   35.48   32.50   -8.40
NWH.UN   14.42   12.94   -10.26
PPL   53.58   48.94   -8.66
RY   149.60   126.49   -15.45
T   34.65   30.10   -13.13
TD   109.08   85.79   -21.35
TRP   74.44   65.82   -11.58