Barbados is a republic within the commonwealth.  Most member nations are.  Jamaica probably will be too.  They mourn the loss of QE II also because they know she was not a colonizer.

They were the first peoples and have say over their land.

ENB will respect their wishes and go around their land although I am sure they heat with gas that is ENB supplied.

Go Enbridge! ;-)

FiddyFiddyOddzz wrote: Nope, the Natives are definitely not "everyone", they're  one group. Barbados just dumped their colonial ties, and Jamaica are talking about doing the same. They weren't fans of being colonized either, for the life of me i can not understand why.
Natives were immigrants this is true, they were the FIRST immigrants, so they have seniority. I suppose seniority is why they're always in the first group for Covid vaccinations, even if they live in South Barrie, and not the rez.

Quin wrote: "So the Indigenous are now, "everyone" ?

Immigration was going to happen.  After all that is how the indigenous got here.

If they didn't want pipelines they shouldn't have taken the money or made the agreements.

Enb will re-route around them and they can have their land back.

Go Enbridge!