why would you attempt to cast aspersions on others?   Moreover, your point is idiotic .  Why?

these are illiquid small cap stocks that are supported by a market maker and where some retail broker who wants to chase tech stocks and sells 5,000 shares can knock it down 3-4 percent. Who on earth would one try to day trade stocks like sru and keg and sgr?    It would be idiotic.   There is no trend following or technicals that work on these stocks.  You need a multi month thesis and just wait it out and pick up shares when somebody elects to blow out a few thousand.  

there are plenty of stocks to day trade where you have tight bid/ask spreads and where technicals matter.  The high yield illiquid cdn small caps are not in that camp.   

So in the future, don't show your own insecurity by commenting on others that are just trying to help and foster good communications on this platform.  It helps nobody.