Coming from the Quinessential hack himself - Quintessential1. 
Quintessential - "representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class", very impressed with yourself!

You have been on stockhouse boards for about 1000 days and during that time you have bombarded us with 7858 posts. Just about all of which have a condesending and arrogant tone. If a thought does not agree with you climate fanaticism it is wrong in your not so humble opinion and you go on to blather on about how correct you are.

You are going on my manure pile aka ignore pile.

Quintessential1 wrote: LOL.  If that is what he was supposed to be he missed the mark completely.

What a hack.

Climatologists consider him a ”skeptic” on climate change who misrepresents their data.[43][44][45] Other geologists, such as Donald Prothero, have reached conclusions different from Plimer's after reviewing similar data.[46][47]

I guess since Peyto has ESG and even DG drifts into this lane when he gets sleepy it is germane.

But just barely.


Oldnagger wrote:

For those of you are tired of opposing Conservative party backed climate change denyers.