All good points.  I think the recent stagnation in the share prices is also connected to the fact that these stocks are basically REITS, and NOT cannabis, bitcoin or meme stocks.   They are not top of mind for people looking to make a quick buck - not like Cineplex or Air Canada for example.  Alimentation Couche Tard is another example of a very stable and undervalued stock, and I've added heavily there as well.  Heck, even Enbridge, Keyera and the Pembina are in the same boat - too much 'noise' and not sexy enough.  But I will take their growing dividends already at 7 to 8% all day long.

logicandinertia wrote: NDP ARE RUNNING AT 18% IN POLLING, ABOUT THE SAME AS THEY WERE AT THE 2019 ELECTION.   In other words, no chance they could be running the show, with the Liberals at 35% and Conservatives at 32%.   

LTC impact from COVID  is currently a hot button, so predictably, the socialists are pointing towards it as another potential nationalization project.   This, in my opinion, will die down.  The head of NDP Singh is talking about 10 year transition to privatization but this is provincial responsiblity, not federal.  he is talking it up to help with fund raising and to attack Trudeau on health care.   Plus Revera is already 100% owned by PSP (a govt employee pension fund), yet running it as a for profit (to the benefit of the govt employees they represent), so the NDP are already chasing their tail.   Doesn't stop the CBC from blathering on in news reports about this possibility.   

Sienna and Chartwell have been trading very similarly, with more LTC centric Extendicare having underperformed the former two in the summer months, but has been outperforming recently.  Perhaps there is some concern about the pace at which RETIREMENT vacancies at Sienna and Chartwell (by far the largest RETIREMENT companY) can be filled post vaccine.  

Good secular story where private sector is needed for capital to build the infrastructure to meet demand over the next 20 years.  Also expect more consolidation, similar to what we have witnessed with Revera and many others.

Good luck...