Yes, Cardinal should be a great buy right now. I almost doubled down on it as well, but I decided to wait a week more for my MEG options to mature and cash out. Share price action yesterday was flat while others soared as many were upset that they kept the dividend the same when the market expecting a boost. It has a limited float too, so the daily share price is easily pushed around. The increased divvy will likely happen next qtr now, so very good upside potential. Positive comments from Nuttall on BNN Friday may move it, as he does with other small caps.

GXE has good potential as well, but you can't margin it till it is over $3. Good to keep those under $3 in an RRSP or TFSA account, and the marginable ones in the other accounts. These need higher oil prices to really fly, but are quite tradeable now.

SU is a heavy ship. It trades like a dog, and it doesn't rise or fall as violently as many others. However, it offers a great deal of stability to an energy portfolio, and is very easy to trade on longer timeframes. It's oversold and support levels are so clearly defiined. If it would just stop walking into pointy sticks...

One needs a good mix.

w8asec wrote: Hi Obscure;

You could consider taking your dollar profits and moving to a couple of smaller peer stocks that may have more upside potential.

CJ - debt free soon or now and paying 6.9% divy,,, increases promissed
GXE - Now debt free and giving back to shareholders @ 8.6% divy

Good luck... don't fight the tape...SU's a pooch

Obscure1 wrote: Do you think oil prices are finally going up again or is the action for the past two days just a head fake?

I added 12,900 shares of SU a couple of weeks ago for a trade.  I have been down most of the time since then but am now up a buck per share. 

Sell and take a small profit or hold?