Buyback shares now as much as possible with the stock trading at 2/3 of its End of Year 2022 value.

When the share value hits $40 pay down debt to the floor.

After that, dividends will rise fast.

GLTA Longs  

Citizen13 wrote: Never mind droppping the dividend . A sane investor would have to agree if you are in deep trouble you need to drop it. But now having a yield of 1% is stupidity. I'd personally buy a lot more if it was 5-6% . Pay me to wait .

prested wrote: ...and it sticks. This company is,IMO , still suffering the after effect of a dividend cancellation. It takes years to restore confidence after that. Obviously it doesn't account for the recent fall from grace, that as more to do with market forces that will wash out atsome point,butitis possibly why they are loath to increase dividends despite the howls from investors for them to do so. Question becomes; does dividend resistance lead to lower SP? Maybe some of the really smart posters can answer that. (Maybe those wh are not stranded in rural armpits without Internet!)