Indeed, Matt has solid understanding and foundation of what it takes to build a robust, high value post tax mining operation.  Precisely, Frontier Lithium, High NPV project, rare purity product right out of the furnaces and unique "patented" process to fast track to battery grade Lithium Hydroxide to meet the rapid and exponentially rising EV Lithium demand.

Similarly, Matt has a keen eye on the next higher grade Uranium producer.........Steve Roman's Global Atomic.  Shovels in the ground in the not-too-distant future.
GLO continues to progressively "close" at new historic highs ($2.15).

I anticipate Frontier's share price will follow a similar price trajectory as what's happening at Global Atomic.

The industry needs a couple McArthur's coming on line each year to prevent an eventual Uranium shortfall and that's not happening..........enter GLO with large Uranium resource, permitted & mine certified & ready to go with nearby processing operations.

GLO will likely significantly upsize it's $10 Million bought-deal ($3 warrants) with Red Cloud Securities.

Similarly, I anticipate Frontier will also "upsize" its $3 million financing to well above $5 million.