hi all,  Silver is in a perfect storm build up to make a come back like no other into 2022. Very excited about Finlay Minerals as we have updates on our latest properties. Drilling is now completed on Silver hope this month and drill results pending as we could see first results start of January 2022. Also, lots of updates coming on all three properties as work was done and updated. In addition,  see latest presentation with the facts of where the money is being spent and updates from the company. I must say very detailed and well done with an update for 2022 and more drill programs in the works to start the new year.  Also,  a letter from our President on the year and looking ahead into 2022.  The best part is Silver hope is in a sweet spot and we own over 41% of the outstanding shares if there is any takeover!!  Also,  ATTY property is looking like a special presentation to any major who wants to do a joint venture and Centerra Gold is down the street. So we have a lot in the works going into 2022. This is my largest Silver Junior investment in my portfolio. Northwest Copper is my biggest investment of all time as of today. See link to the presentation...https://finlayminerals.com/site/assets/files/1227/2021-11-12-fyl-cp.pdf,  Also the letter from from our President.......https://finlayminerals.com/site/assets/files/1726/president-letter-fyl.pdf.  As for the share price is a screaming buy below .10cents and with all the cards on the table for Drill results, Project work and ATTY.  In the new year we will be the only Silver junior exploration company in Canada with drill results pending in January 2022. If we can also joint venture ATTY with a major miner like Centerra Gold will be icing on the cake. We are headed in the right direction and now everyone is watching for drill results come January 2022.  As for Silver price i have included Chris from IGOLD advisor latest YOUTUBE video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLFFNheuT9M