Lol. The length of your post full of insults and deflection still doesn't make it real. I will continue to wait for the Google LINK supporting what you have made up in your head. The other poster you keep referencing and praising for disecting my stock picks used actual math regarding decline in shareprice percentage/percentile and no I don't dispute his math, why would I? I respect him for at least being honest regarding grade 3 math. Go look again at his math you long winded dolt. Even he isn't dumb enough to support or defend your make believe math. And yes I have Googled everything you have said and there is not one iota of information that supports your nonsense. I guess you are smarter than Google yet you hang out on a penny stock message board misleading people. Example: you keep saying this is a .05 cent stock when it clearly is not. Geniuses like you would be better served trying to change the world not change the definition of math. PLEASE send me the link and I will happily agree. Or don't and keep up the fairytale.

Hahaha! IF you had a 99.1667 % loss on a stock would you claim a 12,000 % 'percentile' loss on your tax return? Please show me how so I can generate some massive tax returns every year. 

Today I will identify as an internet modem. My Unicorn gave me the thimbs up!