1. You and nor anyone provided numbers at all, no math ..nothing, I’ve literally asked for math every reply and you replied with none and never pointed at where I was incorrect using math.
  2. I read your definition, however it did not in any way whatsoever refute my usage  as wrong whatsoever. You literally assisted my argument. You just posted a link and what? ...you know how to cut and paste?? wooooo
Here is the definition from google;
  1. each of the 100 equal groups into which a population can be divided according to the distribution of values of a particular variable.
    • each of the 99 intermediate values of a random variable that divide a frequency distribution into 100 groups. "the tenth percentile for weight"
That ‘tenth’ percentile is to the second decimal place to the right  when there is loss, to the left hwen there is gain and to the 'hundredth' percentile is to the third digit to the right of the decimal and would account for a wider sample group. That is not up for debate. You can't grasp this, and are angry., You got waxed and you post on a board you hold no shares in, youre a certified rockpile.
You cannot in any way prove the math wrong and your definition proved me correct
  1. I laid the math and numbers out, they are still there, you offered no math, not numbers, nor any explanation of the math I displayed many times, many ways and you didn’t refer to any single part of it as wrong, you just scream ‘oh your math is wrong’ ..ok, where is it wrong? Still waiting….
  1. For the 13th time, I ask, being you own no shares in NSP, why are you the number #1 poster on the NSP board daily, monthly and yearly??