hi all,  Get ready for Wednesday as this is the last day for tax loss selling and to settle in 2021 al your trades good or bad. We are going higher and higher in the market.  Keep an eye on Apple stock and Tesla as a sign to where these markets like going in times like these. Also the most important thing is where do we go after Wednesday?  Thursday is a big day as many might start selling stock if you made the big numbers and want to take profits.  For now lets hope not as you all know after Wednesday you do not need to worry about making your claim for tax year 2021. So you can keep the money aside and watch how this market will move come January 2022. So there are some scary ideas out there that we can keep going up after today and all of a sudden sell off on Thursday for the bigger stocks! Now for us we know Northwest Copper will most likely not announce any news until the new year. Thanks to the video update from Adrian wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday. What happened to our CEO?  I don't understand it sometimes seems i had a flash back of Sun Metals again when they went silent for months without news and shareholders were upset.  Regarldless they did a great job with the November presentation and projected into 2022 and the plan going forward. It would have been nice to see drill results but we still have Wednesday at open bell.  For us we need to look at BOCSG...so let go with the update.  BITCOIN,  is moving up and $52k in the works and any move past $53k can give as a move toward $58k.  As for OIL....something is up and $75.80 is a scary number as we can move higher to $80.  I hope Russia is not up to something that can cause a war!!  Also,  Copper is on fire today....$4.49 hit and nice move as this is the best move out of all 5 investments. Silver and GOLD will hold and modestly move into the new year. Any sell off come Thursday can cause a rally higher as a safe investment. So watch the moves after Wednesday. Now for us there is nothing we can do as the TSX does not open until Wednesday and anything can happen. I hoestly believe we go higher and everyone goes home happy with big profits and nobody sells so you dont have to claim it on your taxes. Thursday can be an all new picture...so be cautious and alert.