hi all,  be ready for a scary day in  Copper as we hit below $4 and the sell off has started. There is so much speculation right now in Chile with a mine strike and a change in governent coming in September. As for us on Northwest Copper this is serious for those of you in the green and are hoping for news like me. Unfortunately i see a serious down trend coming and Peter Bell needs to release updates soon. All the promises from last year in Novembers meeting has not come true. There has been no resource calculations for Kwankina or Lorraine.  No PFS updates and no news on drilling from Kwanika in the past 3 months. Also, no updates or even a clue as to what is happening on the field. The worst part is POSCO has the last Tranche #3 of shares worth $3 million dollars worth that hits us shareholders with more dillution to the company. God for bid they announce this dillution on the amount of shares they need to give has this would be bad timing for us as copper is crashing. Talk about a change of events with a recession coming this could be a terrible play for us being in copper!!  For now the only hope we have is GOLD and how much does Kwanika have?  This is the key for us and i would expect pressure on our stock right now after the sell off in copper. I know it is a bad post right now and it has to happen so we all know what just occured last night in the markets in copper. See for yourself right now the link is here https://www.investing.com/commodities/copper,   There is nothing positive right now to talk about so lets see what Northwest Copper delivers in coming day or even next week. Sorry but we all need to protect our portfolio and this stock and others in copper right now can see a sell off. The markets did this already and now copper......be positive and lets hope Northwest can delivery news like i was hoping on my last post.    cheers for now