In this market estimating the future price of any stock forces you to rely on history and when it comes to Juniors, history is not working as the market is truly irrational. If you believe as does Dr. Julie that Case Lake has the potential to become a large world class resource then you could easily be talking a market cap in multiples. Just remember its called if Dr. Julie is right and we are along ways from proving her right. If we reached the market cap of FL alone it would be a 20x return. This is a lithium Company that needs to raise over $650,000,000 to build a plant and has first production target of 2027.

Sinclair shipped its Cesium from Australia to Canada and for every 1600 crushed tons shipped they had revenue of $8,000,000.00. Their shipping costs far outweighed their mining costs. In PWM's case you would have to add revenue for the Lithium/TA not to mention the drastically reduced shipping costs. This is why I believe PWM could become a cash cow going forward.