You can read any of my previous posts to understand why zonetail is a sell- please do I stand by every comment I have made on the company. 

this "gatekeeper" press release today is a silly one. They got a new board member and called him the "gatekeeper to yardi". While I have no idea what that actually means, does "air-quoting" in the header of your press release indicate a "good investment" to you.

zonetailmis a scam. Insiders have 45 days to exercise and sell  their .05 options befor they grant themselves new optiona at .04 in October - at which point this company with no cash will trade for .035-.04 for three months until December when more junk options get given to junk directors who pretend to sit in this "board". 

if you are thinking about buying, please message me directly with questions. I HATE pump and dump
scams. This one has been unsuccessful....but they keep trying.