AMPD Subsidiary Departure Lounge Inc. Enters Strategic Partnership Agreement With Social NFT Marketplace For The Metaverse, Orderinbox, Inc.

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2022 / AMPD Ventures Inc. ("AMPD" or the "Company"), CSE:AMPD; OTCQB:AMPDF; FRA:2Q0) subsidiary Departure Lounge Inc., a Vancouver, BC-based company offering a range of Metaverse-related technologies and creative services ("Departure Lounge") is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Orderinbox Inc., the Vancouver-based creator of the social NFT marketplace for the Metaverse ("Orderinbox").

Announcement Highlights

  • Orderinbox will work with Departure Lounge as its preferred Metaverse Development Partner, complimenting Orderinbox's platform with enhanced 3D environment development, and other creative and Web3-related services.
  • Departure Lounge will utilize the Orderinbox platform as its preferred NFT marketplace.

Founded in March 2020 by Vancouver creative tech industry stalwarts, Mehmet and Dogu Taskiran, Orderinbox brings a new level of social engagement to the world of NFT marketplaces. Orderinbox is a multi-chain, multi-lingual NFT marketplace whose features differentiate it from others in the field. It is being rapidly adopted as the go-to platform for creators and brands looking to take advantage of the Metaverse opportunity without any complicated jargon or barriers. Creators can build their fan bases, explore collaborative opportunities, and build strong peer relationships all within the platform. Creators benefit from increased visibility of their digital creations through Orderinbox SNFX™, which relies on built-in smart network effects. These built-in features mean that each NFT presents a new opportunity to expand a creator's network.

"I knew that Orderinbox would represent a huge leap forward for what an NFT marketplace could be the minute that Dogu told me his plans," said James Hursthouse, CEO and Founder at Departure Lounge Inc. "I have known Dogu and Mehmet for many years, and they always bring an extremely high level of technical and business acumen to everything they do, and the recent launch and rapid growth of Orderinbox is no exception."

"NFTs are poised to completely transform pretty much every industry in the coming years and Orderinbox plans to be at the forefront of this growth," said Orderinbox CEO Dogu Taskiran. "By partnering with Departure Lounge, we can now offer our creators and brands an enhanced range of services, extending NFTs into 3D worlds with Departure Lounge's creative services team, alongside campaign design and implementation for larger brands via its Web3 services group."

Departure Lounge recently announced it would be a keystone partner in plans for a Metaverse Innovation Centre (MIC) as part of an education collaboration agreement with Vancouver's Centre for Digital Media. Training initiatives and collaborative projects being planned as part of the MIC will also have access to the Orderinbox platform, as well as guidance on the ongoing evolution of the application of NFT and other Web3 components in modern content creation.

About Departure Lounge Inc.

Departure Lounge Inc. was established in June 2021 to combine the founding team's expertise to capitalise on the massive opportunity represented by the ongoing transition to the Metaverse. The company offers innovative tools and technologies to facilitate access to the Metaverse, a creative services team to help build the Metaverse, and a Web3 consultancy team to monetize the Metaverse. Departure Lounge's main facility occupies over 7,000 sq ft of space at Vancouver's Centre for Digital Media ("CDM") and houses the Metastage Volumetric Capture Stage and motion capture rig, alongside its creative services team. Departure Lounge was acquired by AMPD Ventures Inc. (CSE: AMPD) in December 2021. Departure Lounge operates as an independent business unit while taking full advantage of the high-performance cloud and compute solutions being offered by AMPD Technologies Inc.

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About Orderinbox

Orderinbox is the Social NFT marketplace for the Metaverse where creators and collectors meet to trade any digital asset (Art, Music, Movie, Sports Cards, Game Assets, Fashion, Intellectual and Digital Property Etc.) secured with blockchain technology, namely NFTs. We are building the infrastructure for the new creative economy where creators thrive by connecting directly to relevant audiences who can reward them for their work without any centralized control.

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AMPD Ventures Inc. (CSE:AMPD), through its operating subsidiaries, AMPD Technologies Inc., Cloud A Computing Inc., and Departure Lounge Inc., provides a range of high-performance computing infrastructure and technology solutions designed to host, build, and monetize the Metaverse.

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