I’ve never seen a small mining/ resource company do so much for shareholders in such little time.
Sassy is into a multitude of metals and minerals including but not limited to:
LITHIUM (among many others)
THE SPIN-OFF OF STOCK OWNERSHIP IN GANDER GOLD TO SASSY SHAREHOLDERS of 1 share of Gander for every 5.8 shares of Sassy. (with other future similar arrangements to come)
All of these are hedges against inflation.
To be so diversified after less than 2 years of operations speaks to the aggressiveness of management.
Their operations span the breathe of Canada from west to East, and in Newfoundland, they own rights to more property than any other company currently operating in the region.
That’s not even considering the participation of Eric Sprott who has now done multiple transactions with Sassy with no sign of let up.
To think that Sassy could possibly work into a billion dollar valuation is not a pipe dream. I’d like someone to tell me why Sassy can’t do this?
Newfound Gold found a way to do it…