Blizzy gets an ego boost because we use him as an example of arrogance, narcissim, delusion, and censorship. It's kind of like "look kids, this is what can happen to you if you use too many drugs". 

I use Blizzy for some minimal entertainment value because I have already said goodbye to this 'investment'. Watching him react in his delusional way could be educational for some, sadly entertaining for others. The fact that he seriously considers giving Sen more money to "protect his investment" shows the level of delusion he is operating in but hey, if he can save my investment too, then pour on the cash!

He comes over to this board because the people here speak truth. On the discord board they are all chanting "product in 2023!!!" and putting out little bits of hopeful kibble to entice Sen to get his rear to Canada and do something before he completely runs out of funds.  There's not much to talk about when they are waiting for KCI to release a product in some undefined future time frame, without a license.