Did not see this coming.  10 for 1 split does not look good for my Denarius warrants, at least in the short term.
Hated to do it, but sold most of my warrants in my cash accounts even though they have a long run way.  What the heck plowed it back into the regular stock.  Must have been a few others that did the same as around half a million showed up near close to buy at .06 which was lower than my purchase price today. Will keep the warrants in my tax free accounts as a long shot bet. Checked the ARIS bullboard without signing in and saw a post from someone I must have blocked a long time ago.  He/She suggested I go away and post on a more relevant board.  Well my friend ARIS owns a big stake in Denarius and shares much of the same Management Team. The message is that if Denarius does well it will end up helping the ARIS bottom line. Anything coming out on Denarius should definitely be reported on this website as it is part of the family. Not happy with the Management group here, but
hoping we have hit the bottom for Denarius. Keep your eyes open for Insider buys.  Think a new bought deal is on the horizon, but don't think it will be at these low levels.