GGG -- it's nice to see that you are still on the BB. Please repost your assay summary often!

Also hope that GGG Old Friend is still with us.

Disappointing to see positive contributors knocked off the site - LikeIke - BDog etc. Don't know who else got chucked but message to Stockhouse Admin -- this was your mistake and you should reverse it - for the sake of NFG BB and for Stockhouse itself............

I urge everyone that remains to just ignore the troll -- the feature is on Stockhouse for a reason!

TheGreekGoldGuy wrote:
TheGreekGoldGuy wrote: It is rumored trhat Bdog, Ike and several others have contacted an attorney who has been successful in litigation against  message board posters for slander and defamation of character. This could apply to an individual or organization. Apparently an individual known as moderator 11 has banned two of this boards most respected posters, Ike and Bdog. other legitimate contributers have been getting some of their posts instantly deleted. 

The GGG here, what does a poster have to do, to join this elite group of banned posters?  

Geez, why isn't the GGG banned yet.  Does anyone have any guesses , who might be the target of their possible litigation?