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Buzz on the Bullboards: The Summer of Uncertainty

Omri Wallach Omri Wallach, Stockhouse
1 Comment| June 27, 2019

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Welcome back to Buzz on the Bullboards. After taking a short break to enjoy the sun, the bi-weekly review is back to keep you up-to-date on what the Stockhouse Community is discussing.

It’s been a busy few weeks for markets and investors alike, with trade disputes and global issues dominating headlines as the G20 summit commences. Each new twist has sent currencies and commodities bouncing up and down, and no one can figure out where the middle ground lies.

But the motion of individual companies is easier to get a grasp on, and the Bullboards have been alive debating some of the biggest names and movers over the past week. It’s important for an investor to spend some time outside of their own head and gauge where their peers are at, and as always, Stockhouse users have been taking advantage of the chance to connect.


Bullboard discussions over the last few weeks have largely centered around perennial Stockhouse favourites. The cannabis Bullboards continued to draw the most traffic, with Aphria Inc. (TSX: APHA, NYSE: APHA, Forum) leading the Top-6. APHA shares have stagnated after a mid-April drop due to disappointing fiscal results, with a closing price of $9.35 on June 24.

(Click image to enlarge)

But recent developments might have instilled renewed hope in the cannabis producer. A few weeks ago, Aphria announced an agreement with PAX Labs to add to its planned portfolio of vapes and concentrates.

There’s mixed emotions on Aphria’s Bullboard regarding what will cause shares to recover, but Stockhouse Member Vinny57 is one of those that sees the bright side:

“Why? As I said yesterday, WEED investors jumping ship. The wind has begun to shift. There is MUCH more potential with APHA. The QR WILL be better then the last. A fair bit better (but not nearly as good as the ones that will follow). We are on an UP trend again boys. The ride is just about to begin.”
(Po?st:Share Price UP.)


The metals and mining Bullboards, like the rest of the sectors, were all focused on a few companies. The biggest draw was Royal Nickel Corp. (TSX: RNX, OTCQB: RNKLF, Forum) and understandably so. Shares of the mining company jumped from $0.51 on June 18 to $0.65 on June 25, a 27.45% increase.

(Click image to enlarge)

Following a downturn in winter and fresh off RNC’s annual meeting of shareholders, investors feel that the company has hinted at some incoming good news, and the Bullboard has been speculating on what drove the rally. Stockhouse Member arh0070 seemed to be in-the-know and posted some potentially illuminating information.

“According to canadian insider reports. Frank Marzoli has disposed of 100,000 shares at 69 cents and 100,000 at 53 cents in the last week. Westgold (the seller of Higginsville) reports an initial ownership of almost 57 million shares about a week ago. So Westgold has made a tidy profit in the last week…”
(Po?st:Insider reports)


On the healthcare Bullboards, it was another week, another round of frustration at ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. (TSX: PLI, OTCQB: PFSCF, Forum). Since dropping below $0.10 a share in mid-April, investors on PLI’s Bullboard have all continued to wonder the same thing: What's going on over there?

(Click image to enlarge)

Penny stocks have huge upswing potential because any movement is significant, but in the long run, PLI’s trajectory over the last few years has only been downwards. Stockhouse Member stockbuphoon is one of many voicing concerns that unless actions start making sense, the future might not look much better.

“…Why would they spend $350M over past 3 years and not hire a protein experienced CMC consultant in 2015? Why did they not spend the extra few million to do randomized double blind clinical trials for one of the 4050 trials for IPF, Alstrom or Metabolic Syndrome? Why was there not a single inquiry to the extensive well heeled presidents lists in Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver on doing a private placement last year or early this year…”
(Po?st:RE:The PLAN was...)


Energy companies across the board have had an interesting few weeks. Crude prices have been constantly reacting to global goings-on and dragging share prices alongside them. The energy Bullboards have been largely reactionary as well, especially at companies with large followings like Crescent Point Energy Corp. (TSX: CPG, NYSE: CPG, Forum).

A glance at the company’s quote chart confirms that analysts and investors are struggling to find firm ground on where the oil industry is headed. But over the last week, CPG shares have traded up 4.85%, closing on June 25 at $4.27.

(Click image to enlarge)

Stockhouse Member Jwallingf is one of those optimistic that Crescent Point Energy’s recent upward trend will be able to hold, despite analysts constantly changing their earnings and supply estimates.

“Earnings estimates keep getting better which is a positive sign for CPG. On Yahoo the Q2 estimate has gone from C$.11 60 days ago to C$.14 currently. FY19 has gone from C$.27 to C$.42 over 60 days.
TMXMoney shows Q1 60 days ago at C$.06 versus current at C$.21. For FY19 it was C$.20 but now is C$.48. Using the lower Yahoo FY19 translates into a P/E of around 10. Crystal balls can be cloudy, of course, but the more important factor is the direction of estimates. And that's UP…”
(Po?st:Check the estimates)


By and large, the industrials Bullboards were the most one-company centric. Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Inc. (TSX: BBD.A, OTCQX: BDRAF, Forum) had a tough May, with BBD.A shares coming down from $2.92 in April to a low of $2.04 on May 15.

(Click image to enlarge)

June has been kinder to Bombardier, but a small spike on June 17 was short-lived. Investors on Stockhouse are wondering what it will take for shares to climb back up to the 52-week high of $5.60, and Member Stockitnow doesn’t believe that the recent sale to Mistubishi Heavy Industries is going to cut it.

“It should be obvious now that this stock is going no where until we get few consistent positive cash flow quarterly report. Sale of Belfast and Morocco will bring bump but I now think we will get some traction beginning of 2020 when 2019 4th quarter (positive) results are released. I don’t know why some were thinking that selling CRJ, and Q400 were going to bring bags of cash. And why some are thinking it’s bad to sell these division…”
(Po?st:BBD SP movement)


Once again, the industrials Bullboards saw Nexoptic Technology Corp. (TSX: V.NVO, OTCQB: NXOPF, Forum) top the view table, although not by much. Unfortunately, the discussion has focused less on celebration and more on lamenting.

(Click image to enlarge)

Despite NXO recently closing a private placement, shares continued to middle and closed at $0.52 on June 24. As Stockhouse Member mexidon puts it, patience for big news might be starting to wear a little too thin.

"I have been with NXO since the beginning, I am pretty patient, but this is starting to get a little ridicolous We should be a lot higher than this, I for one want to hear some news that will push this stock higher"

So far, this summer investing season has seemed like the Summer of Uncertainty. The results of our recent Investor Pulse Poll, where we asked if our users take a break from investing in May, certainly reflect this. Most are simply trying to stay on their toes.


Having just crossed the halfway mark of 2019, we thought it’s time to look ahead and see what the rest of the year has in store. Head to the homepage to vote on new Investor Pulse Poll and let us know which sector you think is the one to watch in the latter half of the year.

(Click image to visit the poll)

Buzz on the Bullboards will be back in a few weeks, but the discussions on the Stockhouse Bullboards are always ongoing. They give Members and visitors a chance to celebrate, speculate, and when necessary, vent about the companies you care about the most. For previous editions of Buzz on the Bullboards: click here.

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nxo is No.1 dog
November 14, 2019

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