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Buzz on the Bullboards: Top Healthcare and Tech

Omri Wallach Omri Wallach, Stockhouse
0 Comments| October 31, 2019

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Nothing is spookier and scarier on Halloween than an uncertain market! That’s exactly what investors have been dealing with lately, and part of what we’ll try to demystify this week.

Lots of companies have been moving independent of the market, and quite often, against it. We track many of the big movers on Stockhouse and the community Bullboards regularly gather on the top companies of the moment.

Some of them have strong followings and a healthy investment base at Stockhouse. Others swung so widely that hungry investors picked up their scent. In either case, the sectors highlighted today are normally hotly contested, but saw clear frontrunners dominate discussions.

The most-viewed chart for the industrials Bullboards over the last few weeks has been a pretty competitive affair, but once again we have a clear leader in Bombardier Inc. (TSX:BBD.B, Forum). The Canadian manufacturer is constantly one of the most-followed companies on Stockhouse but recently it seems to have gained steam.

Noticeably, that steam is in views and not in share price. A lot of investors seemed to be holding their breath ahead of BBD’s upcoming fiscal quarter results release this morning on Oct. 31. Other previous news, including an Oct. 22 showcase of the company’s new Global 6500 aircraft, barely impacted the ticker.

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What did the BBD Bullboard expect heading into the earnings announcement? In short, the outlook wasn’t pretty. With the benefit of hindsight, we can see how right or wrong the sentiment was, but posts expecting bad news over good, like that of Stockhouse Member flamingogold, were all too common.

“The sentiment on this board has certainly hit lows since Bellemare took over. Typically, when it looks like things are going to "0" then this is a good sign for buying. Having said that, I am holding out for a little lower, maybe $1.20's if we get there. If not and we get a surprise, fine... I am already in at a decent average...
(Po?st: RE:Tomorrow)

The healthcare sector is another that has seen fierce competition this summer for attention on Stockhouse, and Theralase Technologies Inc. (TSX-V:TLT, Forum) has been consistently listed in the Top 6. Back in August, TLT was on top of the healthcare Bullboards, and this week it’s back in the prime position.

Shares of TLT have been hovering around $0.225 over the course of the fall, but the cancer-fighting pharmaceutical company has been keeping busy. On Oct. 1 the Company filed a new drug application with the FDA for the next phase of its technology testing, and followed up on Oct. 22 by announcing it had been granted a European Patent for the same technology.

Investors on the TLT Bullboard know that cancer drugs are a long-term hold, so most of the discussions have been focused on breaking down how the company is likely to proceed. With too many examples of failed competitors to go on, Stockhouse Member Claridge was one that saw TLT proceeding slowly but surely as the right bet.

“…My take is that TLT will wait to collect 3-month data on more patients before publishing data. Will they want to make it an all-Canadian story first, will they want to have a mixture of US and Canadian patients data because of the important visibility they could get in the US, that is up to anybody's call and will most probably also depend on how striking is the data, to make this statistically significant.

Their decision will most probably also be based on how many the FDA wants to see in order for example to apply for potential breakthrough-type of designations. The FDA also requires that your data comes from a variety of geos, groups of age, ethnicities, etc, maybe not for the 3-month data but for sure for the 12-month data. I remember that a competitor was toasted 3 years ago by the FDA panel when they were seeking FDA approval for its NMIBC commercial rights.”
(Po?st: RE:Optimal endobronchial tool sizes for targeting lung lesions)

But perhaps the most impressive rise has been on the technology Bullboards, where Reliq Health Technologies Inc. (TSX-V:RHT, Forum) has quietly climbed up the chart over the past few weeks and laid claim to the top spot. Alongside the rise of the SaaS provider’s views has been its share price, with RHT climbing from $0.305 on Sept. 11 to a high of $0.71 on Oct. 28.

Over the last week it was all uphill for Reliq, but trading since the 28th has seen shares drop more than 15%. Nestled in between many new announced contracts and partnerships for the company was the Oct. 29 release of RHT’s annual fiscal results, which brought the upward momentum to a halt.

But despite the recent drop, the RHT Bullboard continued to have an upbeat outlook into the next week. Given the recent batch of contracts the company landed and the expected windfall coming in the quarters to come, some users had expected a far stronger drop off. To those like Stockhouse Member sandysouci, this was simply indication that the market continued to favor Reliq’s potential.

“...the massive buying (likely from insiders) that came in today at the 0.50 mark was stunning. This company is a total no brainer at that price, and still an excellent prospect at 0.60, 0.70 and even higher. Their product offerings are truly impressive -- very well thought out and executed.

Also, looks like RHT is really starting to gain traction in the marketplace, especially as of late. More contracts means it's easier to get additional contracts, etc. and the thing really starts to snowball... expecting this to trade in the 0.60 - 0.65 range until the next contract is announced. Surely we'll have at least one (maybe more?) during November...
(Po?st: RE:Wow, only a 10 cent drop)

Fiscal results are hard to gauge correctly for many investors and analysts, but if you’re attuned to the companies and sectors involved, you can generally make an accurate assessment. That’s why we’ve turned to the Stockhouse Community over the last few weeks to focus on cannabis, and which LP would be the next to post a profitable quarter.

With one week left in our Investor Pulse Poll, so far it’s clear that a lot of investors have their faith in Aphria and Aurora to pull out the next win. Do you agree, or do you think one of the overlooked LPs will be the next to profit? Head to the homepage or click the image below to chime in and cast your vote!

(Click image to go to the poll)

Next week we head into November with fresh minds, an extra hour of sleep courtesy of Daylight Savings Time, and a fresh batch of market activity to dissect. Lately it feels like every week has been a rollercoaster of news and findings, and the next should prove no different, so expect the Stockhouse Bullboards to be as lively as ever. For previous editions of Buzz on the Bullboards: click here.

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